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Eastern Ontario Truck Show ready for second year

STIRLING, Ont. - Organizers are looking to bridge the gap between the public and the trucking industry at the second annual Eastern Ontario Big Rig Truck Show and Shine in Stirling, Ont. The event, ho...

STIRLING, Ont. – Organizers are looking to bridge the gap between the public and the trucking industry at the second annual Eastern Ontario Big Rig Truck Show and Shine in Stirling, Ont. The event, hosted by the Stirling and District Lions Club, is being held at the Stirling Fairground June 15-17.

Show chairman Dave Potts says he hopes this year’s event will match the success of last year’s.

“We met some fantastic people who brought their families, friends and trucks with them to help us make (the) first truck show an event where, though they arrived as strangers, they left as friends. Last year’s truck show’n’shine proved a resounding success,” Potts said.

With promises of “many more challenges and much more excitement,” three new events are planned for the 2007 show – all firsts for the Canadian trucking industry. The First Canadian Big Rig Build-Off, sponsored by Timeline Motor Products and Truck News, and featuring Rolite polishes and Evans Coolant, will be a Canadian version of a show truck challenge. The build-off will be divided into three categories: New trucks; trucks from the last three years; and trucks older than three years.

The competition actually got underway Jan. 1 when eight trucks were selected to be customized by different teams. Included in the competition will be a People’s Choice award with the winner receiving a “Troscar” – the show equivalent of an Academy Award. The Troscar award – crafted by the same company who made the trophy for the first Canada/Russia cup – is itself a unique part of the show, as the trophy resembles an Oscar statuette holding a truck.

The show will also feature the First Eastern Canada Circle Check, sponsored by ATSSA Belleville and Mortrans, which is designed to keep truckers and the public aware of basic safety procedures. The winner will receive a $1,000 prize donated from the ATSSA branches from across Ontario.

The final “first” for the show will be a pit-crew challenge, sponsored by UAP Traction, which is described by organizers as “A high-tech pressure challenge for trucking maintenance crews to prove their stuff.” Show organizer Ray Wellman says that since many people in the public are concerned about “wheel-off” issues on the highway, an event like this “will show how professional and competent these guys are.”

As education is a key element to the Stirling show, it’s fitting that Loyalist College is involved with the event, offering presentations on accredited certificate programs for mechanics in various aspects of the trucking industry.

Event goers will also have an opportunity to see what it’s really like to be a trucker, thanks to an event sponsored by Transport Safety and Compliance Systems which will allow Joe Public to get behind the wheel of a big rig.

Transport Safety and Compliance Systems is just one of the many representatives from the trucking industry that is sitting on the truck show committee this year. Other reps include Tribospec Sunoco, Mortrans, NAL Path Insurance Brokers and Inferno Kustom Werks.

“The biggest thing we did this year, from a positive viewpoint, is we brought the trucking industry onside,” Potts said. “They are giving us great guidance in the show and it’s really, really appreciated.”

In addition to the above mentioned main events, 60 indoor vendors and displays will be present, including an antique truck display, children’s entertainment and musical guests. With organizers predicting the show’s turnout to far surpass the success of last year’s event, the Eastern Ontario Big Rig Truck Show and Shine is poised to become a summer truck show mainstay for years to come.

Admission for adults is $7 while children 12 and under can get in for free. For more information visit or call 613-395-3119.

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