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EOBRs are ok

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

Re: No valid argument against EOBRs, Truck News, November

I’m a trucker and I agree with most of your opinions, especially about speed limiters and the incoming EOBRs. I am proud to say that my logbook is always 100% legal, despite that I am still under the easy-to-cheat paper logbook. Yes, I do less mileage a week than most drivers and sometimes I am late for a delivery but if so, that’s because it took too much time to load at the shipper, thus it’s not my fault.

Every driver should do this -it would put pressure on truck companies and shippers to improve their logistics and reduce delays.

I’ve had enough of those drivers that always complain about change, by not complying with HoS they don’t realize that they’re mostly responsible of the poor working conditions that remain in this industry.

Patrice Tremblay Via e-mail

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