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EOBRs for HoS violators is playing with fire

Your comment criticizing OOIDA's opposition to EOBRs needs an answer and I think I am competent to answer. I have been truck driving for 22 years in Germany and all over Europe. For the past five year...

Your comment criticizing OOIDA’s opposition to EOBRs needs an answer and I think I am competent to answer. I have been truck driving for 22 years in Germany and all over Europe. For the past five years, I have lived in Canada and I am very happy that I escaped this total electronic control.

For example: You are at a loading dock. Loading takes a while and you run out of daily shift time. Don’t move away from the ramp. Don’t drive to the nearby truckstop! It is a violation of HoS. It remains four weeks on your data record. Within this time, every police and DoT officer can see this. Some will ignore it, some will be glad to fine you.

Or, you are 15 minutes away from home and you have no driving time left, because you were trapped in a traffic jam. Somebody crashes into your truck, you probably pay the damage out of your own pocket, because of illegal driving (being out of hours). Insurance may refuse payment.

It turned out in Europe that these electronics are a huge income for state budgets. Some handle it fairly, some like Austria and the East European states try hard to squeeze every penny out of drivers’ and employers’ pockets.

To allow governments to use EOBRs against notorious HoS violators is to play with fire! As soon as electric control has its footstep in the trucking industry’s door, this door cannot be closed anymore. It will be open more day by day until total control by government is reached. It is a weapon that can easily be turned ’round against us and harm our industry seriously!

I cannot understand how an electronic user can believe such devices don’t fail, never break down and cannot be manipulated! Computers always break down, produce errors. In Europe, you can buy devices which fake your records on the black market. What if an EOBR breaks down and the officer accuses you for the breakdown?

A lot of cruelties wait for the trucking industry. First, the violators will have to install EOBRs, and sometime the whole industry will have to install them. And then FMCSA will slowly restrict truckers and employers alike.

And the very strange fact is that you, as a leading journalist, do not see the danger and promote FMCSAs’ opinion!

Werner Stumreiter

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1 Comment » for EOBRs for HoS violators is playing with fire
  1. Sibyll Br says:

    I’m a truckdriving women from switzerland. I’ts right, i’ts a great problem in the hole europe about the digital control of the trucks and about the prices. And the drivers from the east-europe are coming to switzerland too. The most problem for us: switzerland is expensiv for living, expensiv for using the higways. And now the driver from the east are taking our jobs in the national & international transport. And with the digital control, if you will be a correct driver, you d’ont have any chance in the future… 🙁
    The same problems in the hole europe…

    My husband and me are thinking about leaving europe in the next future because the truckdrivers on the other side of the atlantic get som more respect from the population in her countries.

    greets from little switzerland
    Sibyll Br

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