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It Doesn’t Add Up

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

As the owner of a tractor with a wheelbase longer than 244 inches I have always been told by the MTO that the reason I can’t legally pull a 53-ft. trailer in Ontario is because the ramps were not designed to handle the extra “off-tracking” caused by the longer wheelbase.

Well go figure! Now it appears that by some magic, these ramps can handle a tractor pulling two 53-ft. trailers.

I guess I will be left scratching my head every time I get to follow one of these LCVs out of the yard and onto the 401 knowing that my truck with one 53-ft. trailer is illegal, but the guy ahead of me pulling two is perfectly legal. Funny, how these ramps leading from a large trucking company in Cambridge to the 401 seem to be able to handle all that extra “off-tracking” now.

Paul Bauman

Innerkip, Ont.

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