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It’s truck show season

So May is finally here and we find ourselves once again smack dab in the middle of show season.

So May is finally here and we find ourselves once again smack dab in the middle of show season.

From a publisher’s perspective, these shows represent an ideal opportunity to meet and talk with our readers. The feedback we get is always appreciated and helps us determine what the important issues really are.

I judge the success of any show by how many times I check my watch. A poorly attended show makes for a very long day. In the past, I’ve attended shows that were so slow the exhibitors have actually abandoned their booths in favour of a card game in another booth a few aisles over.

I once witnessed a soccer game (of sorts) break out between competitors at an automotive parts show and many times, I’ve seen the local bar chalk full of exhibitors while the only person at the show was the security guy/gal guarding the displays and the tumbleweed that blew across the cheap carpet covering the aisles.

Talk about slow, even the show managers went home! The thing that really ticked me off is, these show organizers still made a decent profit regardless of how successful the show was (or wasn’t) since the exhibitors all paid in advance. Anyway, it’s been years since I’ve seen disasters like this. The shows today are better organized, better advertised, and most importantly, better attended.    

The recent Truck World show was a great show. Our booth was hopping for the entire three days and the cappuccino man we hired earned his keep.

Next up for us is the Road Today show and then on to Fergus. In the fall, the staff is splitting into two groups, one attending the Capital Truck Show in Ottawa and the other making the trek out to Abbotsford for Truxpo.

The show in Ottawa is the new kid on the block. I haven’t heard how exhibit sales are going, but I do know the organizer is bound and determined to make the show a success. Truxpo is now run by Master Promotions, the people who bring us the Atlantic Truck Show.

They are experienced and well respected and I’m sure they’ll put on another great show. Of special note, we present the Owner/Operator of the Year award in Fergus each year. If you’re attending the show, please make a point of dropping by our tent to meet this year’s winner. We make the presentation on the night of Friday, July 27.

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