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LCVs can work well in Ontario

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

I would certainly commend Harry Rudolfs on his excellent article on LCV operations in Quebec in the July issue of Truck News and also Kevin Garner for his letter to the editor expressing concern about the difficulties in driving LCVs in Toronto. There will most certainly be tremendous opposition to allowing LCVs into Southern Ontario and the GTA. However, traffic densities are comparatively low along main highways in Eastern Ontario.

The interchanges at Hwy. 417 and Walkley Road and Innes Road in Ottawa have the required road space to accommodate the turning maneuvers of LCVs. These interchanges connect directly to industrial parks on the east side of Ottawa. LCVs could operate between this area of Ottawa and Montreal as well as into other regions of Quebec.

Traffic densities are also comparatively low along the eastern segment (east of Hwy. 416) of Hwy. 401 in Eastern Ontario. LCVs could arrive at (be disassembled) and depart from (be assembled) the 730 Truck Stop at Cardinal in Eastern Ontario. There is sufficient road space at interchange # 730 at Shanly Road for westbound LCVs to perform the left-hand turn from the off-ramp from Hwy. 401. Eastbound LCVs could perform the left-hand turn from Shanly Road on to the on-ramp to highway 401.

There are also a pair of service centres on either side of Hwy. 401 just east of Morrisburg where LCVs could be assembled and disassembled. Politically the government of Ontario may have a problem allowing LCVs onto the eastern section of Hwy. 401. Some may fear that granting LCVs access to Hwy. 401 in Eastern Ontario may cause a political upheaval in Ontario. It may spurn lobby efforts to allow LCVs on to Hwy. 401 in the GTA and Southern Ontario where opposition to LCVs is the greatest.

Harry Valentine

Via e-mail

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