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Let’s address some of these issues right away

Dear Editor:...

Dear Editor:

I am writing about a few concerns that need to be looked at. First of all, driving lights are a big issue that is out of control.

A while back, a person or group of people authorized the auto and truck manufacturers to install driving lights on motor vehicles. They have become dangerous. Having four headlamps coming at you at night is blinding.

People have replaced them with a higher wattage, they are not aligned properly and people don’t know when to dim their lights to oncoming traffic. It needs to be better regulated.

The Department of Transportation needs to be held responsible for fixing this issue.

The government must step in and make things right, just like they did with seatbelts.

These lights have to be set up so that they automatically go out when headlights are on low beam. It’s easy to understand why road rage occurs when people don’t look after their lights.

Now that brings us to road rage. I would like to know why us drivers can travel so many miles and see numerous violations to the driving code and very seldom see cops with people on the side of the road.

We all know it, and discuss it with each other. It is nothing for me, as only one person to witness 30 or more infractions in relation to dangerous driving.

This is on one trip by the way, approximately 2,500 miles.

But yet you have on the #20 Highway some law enforcement officer pull over trucks and say “Est-ce que je peut voir ton log book, s’il vous plait?”

Now that brings us to law enforcement. I would like to know why they can leave their vehicles running for long periods of time at scale houses.

But yet, we are asked to avoid keeping our trucks idling to save the environment.

Now to the Minister of Transportation of Ontario: I am very puzzled as to why the scale in Lancaster, Ont. was open New Years Day.

Did any of you work on New Years Day? I was one of those rare truck drivers who did.

From Moncton N.B. to Lancaster, Ont. I may have seen a dozen trucks.

Spending big bucks paying employees on a holiday, when most truckers are at home doesn’t make sense to me.

And finally, while I am still on scale houses, isn’t there any federal money at all going to these scale houses?

It would look much better to see our Canadian flags at these locations as well as the provincial flags. They are government buildings so they all should be displaying the provincial and country flags.

There have been several issues brought up for you to think about. I am open to any discussion this might open up. Also, if anyone wants to discuss any of these matters with me, they can contact me through this paper.

Thank you for your time. Don’t be afraid to speak up!

Peter Bond

Moncton, N.B.

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