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Dear Editor:...

Dear Editor:

The idea of all trucks limited to 100 km/hr is absolutely insane!

Is it not bad enough now with inconsiderate drivers taking extended periods to pass each other?

The problem really is not high speed trucks, which are very minimal, but lack of enforcement towards the inconsiderate, unsafe drivers of both cars and trucks.

I believe that in a lot of cases the driver of the vehicle being passed is just as guilty as the driver of the passing vehicle – why not just back out of it for a few seconds and give them some space?

Which brings us to another unsafe practice – tailgating.

Years ago police would issue citations for this practice but they don’t seem to anymore, likely due to the fact that they do not have the resources to combat this.

When you do leave substantial space three vehicles usually cut in front of you – trucks and cars alike.

Back to the original dilemma of limiting all trucks’ speeds – what about vehicles domiciled from another province or state?

Is the OTA trying to get more companies to plate their vehicles out of another province?

Excuse me, but this was a really bad idea and unsafe to boot! n

Ken Vickerd

Via e-mail

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