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New International engine family for mid-range diesel power

International Truck and Engine Corporation has combined all of its diesel engine technologies into one design.The resulting new in-line six-cylinder (I-6) family of International DT 466, DT 570 and HT...

International Truck and Engine Corporation has combined all of its diesel engine technologies into one design.

The resulting new in-line six-cylinder (I-6) family of International DT 466, DT 570 and HT 570 engines includes technologies such as the EVRT turbocharger for better breathing, four valves per cylinder for increased horsepower and an optional integrated engine brake.

The engines will be included with 2004 International 4000 and 7000 series and 8500 trucks.

The EVRT turbocharger uses adjustable vanes within the turbo to optimize boost across the entire operating range.

The engines’ electro-hydraulic generation 2 (G2) fuel system offers more precise timing control for optimized fuel delivery, according to International. The G2 system is a common rail design that has no high-pressure external lines, which might leak or rust.

International engineers designed the G2 injectors to be much smaller than previous injectors, allowing enough room to accommodate four valves per cylinder. As a result they say the 24-valve design provides for a more complete mix of fuel and air, giving the engine the capability to run with more power and better combustion – yielding faster response times and outstanding acceleration.

With the new fuel system, the International DT 466 engine now provides 210-300 horsepower and 520-860 foot-pounds of torque; the DT 570 engine provides 285-330 horsepower and 800-950 foot-pounds of torque, and the HT 570 engine provides 295-340 horsepower and 950-1,150 foot pounds of torque. The greater power ranges better accommodate the rugged needs of the International 7000 series and 8500 trucks, designed for heavy duty jobs and high mileage applications.

The new International engines also include a number of innovations that address durability and reliability:

A new single piece, high-pressure oil rail is claimed to virtually eliminate the potential for leaks even after thousands of hours of operation and provides increased serviceability. The new rail is cast from a single piece and is contained under the cylinder head cover on top of the injectors, holding down clamping force to further minimize the potential for leaks.

A new, longer lasting, cast iron high-pressure oil pump provides variable displacement and oil flow in response to engine speed and load, which in turn increases fuel economy and extends pump life. This pump is designed to address system pressures in 2004 and beyond, International says.

A 1/4-inch steel crankcase ladder frame secures all seven main bearing caps, widened for increased strength, and the bottom of the cylinder block, providing additional durability and noise reduction.

A corrosion resistant, powder coated, dual drain oil pan that protects against harsh road salt and extreme environmental conditions.

A new, simpler modular plate-type oil cooler design replaces the current tube-bundle oil cooler assembly.

Rear crank seal leaks are virtually eliminated through the redesign of the seal carrier area and fly wheel housing.

Pad-mounted accessories – rather than the previous bracket mount arrangement – are easier to remove and service.

The new engines will be available this spring and summer.

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