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Tires & Wheels

Tires & Wheels

Goodyear has come out with a new winter retread for the Canadian market. The Precure G558 retread is designed for winter conditions, the company says, with patented TredLock technology with interlocking microgrooves that provide biting edges for improved friction. It’s an open-shoulder tread design, also offering improved traction, and also features an optimized winter compound, according to Goodyear. For more information, ask your Canadian Goodyear retread rep.

Michelin has introduced an Antisplash version of the fuel-efficient XZA3 truck tire, which reduces the splash trajectory by more than half when rolling through standing water, the company claims. Michelin says the Antisplash technology will improve highway safety in wet conditions. Michelin’s Antisplash tires have a patented deflector on both sides of the sidewall, which lower the trajectory of spray. Ideally, it will improve visibility for motorists in passenger vehicles driving alongside trucks or approaching them from the opposite direction. Michelin’s Antisplash technology was first introduced in November, 2006 on the XZA2 tire. For details, ask your Michelin dealer.

RealWheels Corp. has come out with an aerodynamic truck wheel cover it claims will cut wind resistance and reduce fuel costs. The stainless steel wheel covers are maintenance-free, according to the company, and were initially marketed for their visual appeal. However, the company said the Aerostyle Covers are also proving to deliver fuel savings. For info, contact


ZeroYourX is a new GPS tracking system designed to offer affordable vehicle tracking that’s easy to manage.The tracking unit is placed in a vehicle, trailer or container and can then be tracked online by the fleet manager using the ZeroYourX Web portal. A PC or cell phone can be used to track items in real-time, the company says. The unit itself costs $499 with unlimited asset tracking offered for $50 per month and up. For more info, visit www.ZeroYourX.comor call 514-845-1555.

ALK Technologies has developed a portable navigation device developed specifically for owner/operators and company drivers. PC*Miler Navigation 430 is a stand-alone device that can be attached to a truck’s windshield. It provides spoken directions that are developed for truckers in Canada and the US. It includes 850,000 miles of truck restrictions including information on bridge clearances, load limits and dangerous turns, the company says. The cost is US$349, with no subscription fees. It can be purchased at truck stops or by fleets, directly from ALK by calling 800-375-6453.

Through a new partnership with Iridium, PeopleNet says it now offers universal coverage. The company has added Iridium’s satellite communications system as an option to complement its own wireless network, so that coverage is possible even in the most remote regions. Iridium’s satellite coverage will be available through People-Net on a dual-mode basis, the company announced. The system will switch between PeopleNet’s wireless network and Iridium’s satellite network automatically, as required.

GE has expanded its telematics solution to the Canadian market, which the company claims will help Canadian fleets go green and improve their productivity. The system has been available in the US since 2006. It provides Web-based access to vehicle performance metrics, including CO2 emissions, mapping and exception reports. Customers can track their assets in real-time and develop strategies to improve performance and reduce their emissions, according to GE. Visit www.gefleet.comfor more information on GE’s Telematics solution.


Carrier Transicold says its X2-series reefer units are much quieter now, thanks to the use of a new V-Force fan the company says is seven decibels quieter than its predecessor. The new fan is now standard on all X2-series units. In addition to being quieter, the company says the fan also delivers 8% more airflow to the radiator and condenser than traditional fans. For details, visit www.trucktrailer.carrier.comor contact your Carrier Transicold dealer.


The popular Mark Dalton: Owner/Operator audiobook series has been expanded. The latest stories to be added to the collection are available from GraphicAudio via its Web site at latest collection of stories run four hours in length and can be downloaded or ordered on CD.

Petro-Canada has introduced a new CJ-4 grade 10W-30 heavy-duty engine oil. DURON-E 10W-30 is formulated for on-and off-road fleets and provides performance advantages in the areas of: soot dispersancy; drain intervals; engine wear; and cold weather starts, according to the company. As with all CJ-4 oils, DURON-E 10W-30 is backwards-compatible with pre-07 engines. For info, see your Petro-Canada distributor or visit

Trucktax has developed an online trip report form the company says will simplify IFTA fuel tax reporting. Drivers complete the online trip report form and hit ‘Submit’ to file their mileage and then the carrier can take it from there, filing with its IFTA service provider. For info, visit


Allison Transmission has added Load-Based Shift Scheduling to its MY09 Allison 1000-, 2000-, 3000-, and 4000-series models. The company says it selects between economy and performance shift modes based on the vehicle’s payload and the grade on which it’s operating. The enhancement, which comes standard, will improve fuel mileage while heavily loaded, according to the company

Kenworth has introduced an aftermarket crew cab conversion option for its T170, T270 and T370 medium-duty conventional models. The 157-inch BBC crew cab features a one-piece fibreglass roof with a 4-inch raised rear section providing an interior height of up to 61-inches, the company says. The rest of the structure is aluminum. It comes standard with Kenworth’s DayLite door assemblies and door panels, a Granite Gray vinyl interior trim and interior grab handles. Options include an extended horizontal exhaust pipe, separate heater and/or AC system, exterior access steps and custom trim packages. For details, visit your Kenworth dealer.

Roadranger Fuel Efficient (FE) 75w-90 Synthetic Axle Lubricant is now available as a factory-installed option on Freightliner’s Cascadia, Coronado, Columbia and Century Class S/T trucks. Independent research has confirmed that the addition of Roadranger FE Synthetic Axle Lubricant may result in reductions of fuel consumption by more than 1%, though officials say results may vary and require proper use/application. In addition to potential cost-saving benefits, Roadranger FE Synthetic Axle Lubricant is designed to extend vehicle life by improving operation in extremely low and high temperatures and by providing better protection against gear-wear in high-horsepower, high-torque, high-speed, heavy-load and severe applications, according to Freightliner.

Fontaine International has revamped its Web site to provide more information on fifth wheels. The Web site,provides more information and easier navigation for visitors, the company announced. Visitors to the site will be able to find advice on spec’ing, using, maintaining, troubleshooting and rebuilding fifth wheels. They can also view or download videos and sales literature. The company says the site is faster, easier and more intuitive than th
e previous version. It’s also interactive – the company says you can clock on a top plate name to see all the information a customer may want to know about that specific product. The page also links to mounting options, schematics, instruction handbooks, coupling and uncoupling procedures and maintenance requirements, according to Fontaine.


Peterbilt has upgraded its Model 387 with a multiplex instrumentation system and driver information centre. The new instrumentation provides drivers with real-time information on fuel efficiency, performance and service requirements, according to the company. Peterbilt also announced it is also offering crew cab conversion kits for its medium-duty models. The conversion kits provide more cab space and a four-door crew cab for the Models 325, 330, 335 and 340.

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