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No Vehicle Needs To Travel Twice As Fast As The Speed Limit

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

Your recent Truck Stop Question on young drivers was very interesting and got some great responses.

It totally amazes me that we are astounded at the speeds people drive.

It amazes me that until now the only way our policy-makers can put fear into people is by giving them a huge fine, a whole lot of points and maybe some jail time. Well that works for a bit, but the easiest solution has been at our fingertips for years.

Stop making production vehicles that go twice the speed of the posted speed limit!

Experienced drivers as well as new drivers speed, make their share of mistakes, act disrespectfully and irresponsibly on our roads.

While the speed can be curbed on the 400-series highways, unless people change their attitudes or we are able to have technology that can determine the posted speed limit and slow a vehicle down accordingly, poor strategies unfortunately will continue to happen.

This of course is my big argument with speed limiters. A vast majority of accidents can still be a result of speed and stupidity on secondary roads and two-lane highways for vehicles that can only do 105 km/h.

As for the young drivers, there is only so much restricting that can be done.

There are parents who dream of the day their kids can drive to help them out.

There are many reasons why too much restriction could actually cause problems.

Fact is, they are young and no matter what is said or done the inevitable will continue to happen.

I believe that starting in high school, kids should be introduced to family and friends who have been devastated by the actions of irresponsible driving. While attitude can’t be taught, it can sure be preached.

Beginning now, each parent who allows their children to drive the family car should be given an insurance reduction if they install a speed limiter on their vehicle.

Also a reality program should be brought into schools as a final reminder to new drivers when they get their licence.

This would also be good for people when they go to re-write their licences.

Steve Solomon Via e-mail

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