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PeopleNet Communications developing vehicle performance monitoring product

PeopleNet Communications, a vehicle locating and mobile communications solutions provider, is beta testing PerformX, a new vehicle diagnostics product it claims will give fleet managers the informatio...

PeopleNet Communications, a vehicle locating and mobile communications solutions provider, is beta testing PerformX, a new vehicle diagnostics product it claims will give fleet managers the information they need to track and manage operating costs.

Through a system of alarms and reports, managers will be able to view vehicle performance data at regular intervals.

“In order to reduce operating costs, fleet owners must know how their vehicles are operating,” says PeopleNet Communications chief technology officer Ron Konezny. “PerformX tracks these costs to help improve the trucking company’s efficiency.”

PerformX, which does not require fleets to install costly on-board computers, communicates with the J1708 bus and uses the same wireless technology as PeopleNet Communications’ INTOUCH Fleet Management systems to send data “on the fly.” Performance reports are sent directly to a manager’s e-mail while the vehicle is on the road. These reports, which measure odometer readings, idle time, fuel efficiency, excess speed, high RPM readings and more, allow managers to analyze the data between vehicles as well as for a single vehicle over time to improve vehicle performance.

PerformX also employs a system of alarms, which alert managers when a vehicle travels over a predetermined speed, makes sudden starts or stops and reaches a certain odometer reading. It is slated to be released at the end of first quarter 2001 and will be offered as an option to PeopleNet’s INTOUCH Fleet Management systems, which include Intouch G2X, the company’s newest generation vehicle locating and mobile communications solution. Internet-based G2X offers GPS satellite technology, in-cab e-mail and cellular phone capabilities.

ShipLogix unveils Web-based transport management system

ShipLogix, a technology company offering a completely Web-based, multi-modal transportation management system that allows shippers, carriers, third-party providers and B2B marketplaces to collaborate online in real time, has launched its system in Canada.

The ShipLogix program is a suite of tools, delivered via an Application Service Provider (ASP) model, that is designed to streamline the entire transportation management function, including strategic sourcing, planning and execution. The system allows supply chain partners to collaborate online for request for quotation (RFQ); routing guide; tender, track and trace; rating; optimization; scheduling; export-landed cost; invoicing; and reporting.

As an ASP, ShipLogix delivers its transportation management software system via the Internet. In exchange for a monthly user fee, each trading partner only needs a PC and Web browser to access the software, which can be integrated with existing information systems.

New software language drives advanced breed of systems

Transportation software developer ASCAR has adopted a software language for its systems that it claims will unleash dispatching capabilities previously considered impossible.

ASCAR says its use of the dl4 software makes many features previously available only to Web-based business possible to roll out to courier and trucking companies. The new language makes the ASCAR software portable, giving dispatchers the freedom to run the company’s software on Unix, Windows or even Linux operating systems.

The portability of data can allow a small company to begin with a PC and ASCAR’s entry-level Advantage-Plus for Windows software. Once the company expands, it can transfer its operating data and customer files to the Unix environment where ASCAR’s larger systems run. No re-entry of data is required.

Some other benefits to be realized by courier and trucking companies, according to ASCAR, include: seamless scalability from ten deliveries a day to 25,000; the transfer of data, inexpensively over the Internet; dial-up connectivity to remote operations, exchange of files without a LAN; Web tracking of packages; connectivity to AT&T’s PocketNet digital network; printing of job tickets at remote sites; expanded fields for accounts receivable; and less-corruptible user files.

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