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Private Links: Active supporters also work behind the scenes

This month I'd like to use this space to follow up and perhaps expand a little on the article I wrote for the July 2005 issue of Truck News....

Bruce Richards

Bruce Richards

This month I’d like to use this space to follow up and perhaps expand a little on the article I wrote for the July 2005 issue of Truck News.

That article dealt with the subject of leadership and discussed several forms and styles in which individuals demonstrate leadership in different circumstances. I used examples of individuals who, in my view, had proven their leadership capabilities, some in extreme circumstances and some on a day-to-day basis in their lives or careers.

Judging by the responses I received, the article must have struck a chord with a number of readers.

A few called to discuss the leadership styles I had written about, and some wanted to discuss leadership within the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada. As the article pointed out, there are many leaders within our association, not the least of whom are those working with companies that support the PMTC’s initiatives to recognize high performance in trucking.

While I want to avoid embarrassing any individuals, I’d like to salute some of the companies that have demonstrated their leadership qualities over time through their contributions to the trucking community, and particularly through their work with the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada.

Since they often do this from a position that is well behind the scenes, I think it is time to shed some light on their activities and offer a public thank you.

As most of you know, the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada symbolically opened the Hall of Fame for Professional Drivers in 2003. With that opening, which coincided with our 25th anniversary, we inducted all the drivers who had previously received recognition as “PMTC Driver of the Year.”

We also set standards that would allow for the induction of up to four drivers per year in future years.

The qualifications for applicants ensure that those drivers who make it to the Hall will have compiled outstanding safety records over many years.

As pleased as we were to be able to recognize these professional drivers, we were equally pleased when Cancom Tracking agreed to be the sponsor of the Hall of Fame for Professional Drivers, and to participate actively in the induction ceremonies that take place during our annual conference.

Their support means a great deal.

It is representative of industry suppliers that really care about the professional driver, and it helps the PMTC make the induction ceremonies as meaningful as possible for the selected drivers.

Another long time PMTC member, Zurich, has also proven to be a supportive partner with their role as sponsor of the Private Fleet Safety Awards.

These annual awards are given to fleets that have implemented intensive safety management programs, and whose on-road performance reflects their commitment to safety.

From a safety perspective these fleets are fine examples of the way professional fleet management works. The PMTC Safety Committee has established demanding criteria, which ensures that truly deserving fleets are awarded with this annual distinction.

Zurich has supported these awards since the beginning and that support has never wavered. It seems to us to be a natural fit to have an insurance firm supporting fleet safety awards and we’re grateful that Zurich sees it that way as well. 3M Canada is well known as the sponsor of the PMTC’s annual Vehicle Graphics Design Awards, but that is only the most visible part of their support for our activities.

As an active PMTC member, 3M has provided our members (and our office staff) with expert advice on graphics and reflective material, spoken at our seminars, and participated on our Board of Directors as well as on numerous sub-committees for many years.

But one thing many people may not be aware of is that 3M Canada produces all the visual presentations for our annual conference awards luncheon, and provides the on-site production of the entire luncheon program.

The pre-conference preparation is extensive and involves a number of creative individuals from 3M.

Those who have attended the awards luncheon over the years know what a first class presentation it is. It is our opportunity to celebrate the best in trucking – drivers, fleet safety, and graphics – and with 3M Canada’s expertise and help that celebration is handled in a very professional manner. These are just a few of the companies that are active in their support of the trucking community and the PMTC.

They are of course interested in selling products and services, but they could easily do that without expending time, money and energy on awards such as those presented by the PMTC.

We salute them all for their involvement and their commitment. It’s a pleasure to be able to recognize them.

– The PMTC is the only national association dedicated to the private trucking community. Comments can be addressed to

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