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Products (April 01, 2002)

KBi / Kold-Ban International, Ltd., announced the introduction of the KAPower and KrankingKART super-capacitors. KBi's super-capacitors utilize technology adapted to meet the demanding engine needs of...

KBi / Kold-Ban International, Ltd., announced the introduction of the KAPower and KrankingKART super-capacitors. KBi’s super-capacitors utilize technology adapted to meet the demanding engine needs of today’s diesel engines in the on and off highway heavy-duty industries. KBi’s new super-capacitor, the KAPower and the auxiliary/portable KrankingKART have more power to crank your vehicle. The KAPower super capacitor has been specifically designed and engineered for the heavy-duty vehicle market. Models range in size to crank 200 hp to 600 hp, 10 liter to 16-liter diesel engines. They can also accomodate 12 volt and 24 volt configurations. The total solution comes when the super capacitor is used in conjunction with the KBi Ether Starting System. Customers will get complete peace of mind from knowing their vehicles will crank at 0 degrees F and below. For more information contact your local KBi/Kold-Ban International dealer.

Grote announced an addition to its line of mirror products. The latest of these new products is their line of 8.5- and 10.5-inch Cross-Over Mirror Assemblies. These products are targeted towards the delivery / straight truck industry. These mirrors are mounted at the rear corner of the vehicle and provide the driver with a ‘cross-over view’ of the rear of the vehicle. The 8.5-inch cross-over mirrors can also be easily installed on the front corner of the vehicle to provide a view in the front. They have also introduced a full compliment of replacement S-Series Truck West Coast Mirrors (International applications). These products are exact replacements for the different styles of mirrors used on most International S-Series (4000-4700) trucks from the mid-80’s to present. The new mirrors from Grote look and function exactly like the OEM mirror. For more information contact your local Grote dealer.

KBi/Kold-Ban International, Ltd. has introduced a new product to double or triple the life of your existing or new battery. The new product is called Battery Equaliser – Battery Maintenance & Restorative Fluid. As you operate your rig or vehicle, this product automatically goes to work cleaning and helping to revive your battery plates. Battery Equaliser instantly begins to stop and reverse the existing sulphation that clogs the lead plates and kills batteries. It also prevents any new hard sulphation from occurring and helps prevent plate embrittlement. Simply add 1/2 oz of Battery Equaliser to each cell of your starting battery, or two oz’s to 8D or 8HD batteries. Battery Equaliser is sold in a 500ml bottle for $29.95, enough to treat five regular auto batteries or two truck batteries. Call 416-677-5618 for more information, instant mail order service or dealer/distribution inquiries.

B&V Software has recently released Income & Expense Tracker. The computer program is menu driven and will produce the following reports: cost/mile fuel mileage, fuel tax, GST, income and expenses, pay sheet. Reports are generated for any time period wanted. The data input is done by way of input screens. The benefit to the owner operator is the ability to track their income and expenses easily. If records are kept up to date a driver can get the above reports in a matter of minutes. System requirements are as follows: Pentium 100 or newer, 4 Meg of Ram (recommend 32 Video 600×800 Svga) Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, Nt4, Xp, laser or inkjet printer. The cost of the program is $59.95 plus applicable taxes and shipping and handling. The software is currently for sale at the Husky Truck Stop in London Ont. and by mail order at B & V Software, R.R. # 3, Hanover, Ont., N4N 3B9.

Cole Hersee Company has introduced its Thirteen Pole Plug and Socket. These meet the expanding needs of the trucking industry by providing six extra contacts within the standard configuration of a tractor-trailer connection. With the implementation of state-of-the-art systems, such as: trailer Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS); trailer monitoring; on-board weighing; rear vision blind spot correction; and satellite trailer tracking, the Thirteen Pole Plug eliminates the risk of misconnection by enabling operators to connect all trailer circuits with just one plug. The Thirteen Pole Plug surpasses SAE J560b performance standards and conforms to the requirement of interchangeability between 13 and seven pole sockets.

Valvoline has developed a synthetic engine oil, Premium Blue Extreme, offering extended drain capability and fuel economy benefits for heavy-duty fleet applications. According to the company, this product meets all requirements for the API CI-4 performance classification, as well as Cummins CES 20078. Premium Blue Extreme is specifically designed to enhance performance and maintain extended drain intervals, up to 100,000 miles, in select engines under certain operating conditions. Additionally, Premium Blue Extreme provides fuel economy savings compared to conventional oils, which can lead to lower operating costs for owner/operators and fleets alike. Premium Blue Extreme, which is endorsed and recommended by Cummins Inc., has been extensively tested by Cummins in ’02 cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) engines in the lab and on the road, says Valvoline. Because EGR engines generate higher operating temperatures that can lead to carbon buildup, the Premium Blue Extreme synthetic design helps to manage heat transfer, thus ensuring engine durability.

Dana Corp.’s Commercial Vehicle Systems has introduced the new Dana Spicer D-800F and D-800W steer axles. The new axle models feature improvements in basic steering geometry to enhance vehicle steering under a variety of driving conditions and provide an option for wide-track applications, according to the company. The product advancements featured in these steer axles will improve driver satisfaction through reduced driver fatigue, enhanced performance, and improved productivity, says the company. The Dana Spicer D-800F replaces the I-80SG steer axle and maintains the proven kingpin, bushings, bearings, and seals of the I-80SG. The D-800W steer axle features a 25-mm (1-inch) wider beam than the D-800F, which results in a wider track for increased maneuverability. Both new steer axle models improve steering and maneuverability through several new product enhancements. The increased kingpin angle improves high turn angle steering returnability, and a reduced scrub radius improves steering stability. The engineered powdered metal kingpin cap design seals the bushing cavity, ensuring proper re-lubrication. Bolted-on kingpin caps ease serviceability and provide for auxiliary attachment. Threaded inner and outer drawkeys also improve serviceability. An over-sized tie-rod assembly improves durability and results in common service parts.

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