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Reader of the Month: Ben Moore

"Hi! My name is Ben Moore and I'm a company driver with Bender's Transport out of Moose Jaw, Sask....

Ben Moore

Ben Moore

“Hi! My name is Ben Moore and I’m a company driver with Bender’s Transport out of Moose Jaw, Sask.

I haul general freight, which includes anything from waterpark equipment to organic wheats and grains. I’ve been driving for 15 years, though technically I’ve been driving a truck since I was 12, since I grew up on a farm in Alberta and used to drive in the fields.

I make my home in Brownlee, Sask. about 25 minutes Northwest of Moose Jaw.

I’m originally from Alberta, but I moved to Ontario for a while. I have a university degree in electronics engineering and before I got into trucking, I used to work at Nortel. In my spare time I like to go horseback riding on my farm.

I like reading Truck News because it’s informative and covers a lot of the big issues in the trucking industry.

There are many topics that Truck News has touched on that I’ve needed to know about and wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

I pretty well read the magazine from front to back because there are little tidbits which I find relevant in every article.

I’d definitely like to see more from the trucker’s perspective. I think we need a lot more input from the truckers, not just from the government, because the government blows a lot of hot air.

We need to start getting aggressive with the government over the way they’re treating the trucking industry. Some of the new laws that have come out of Ontario are absolutely ridiculous.

Also, there needs to be more promotion of what it costs to run these damn trucks and why we’re not getting a better wage for it. I work in percentages – I don’t work by the mile.

Restaurants are asking for $10 for bacon and eggs. It costs us $67 a day to eat.

Fuel prices are going up and it’s cutting into the percentage that I make as an income. The more the truck makes, the more I make. The less the truck makes, the less I make.

We need to get to the heart of these matters within the trucking industry.”

Truck News

Truck News

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