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Dear Editor,...

Dear Editor,

I’d like to reply to the “Enthusiastic driver looking for work” letter, which appeared in the June issue, page 109.

My name is David Brown and I am the recruiter for Warren Gibson Transport in Alliston, Ont.

My job here is to look for good drivers, all ages, male, female, and yes, no-experience drivers that give a good indication that they will work hard and have the right attitude.

Our company allows for a certain percentage of “trainee” drivers to be hired each year but the standards are high.

No provincial or federal record, clean driver’s record, no CVOR violations, good attitude and professionalism with our customers.

A FAST card is a definite asset for a new driver to be given consideration for a “New Hire.”

The second thing that the writer could have looked into before spending $3,000 was to do some homework in finding the trucking companies near where he resides, who would be interested in him, once he obtained his licence.

Our office quite often receives telephone calls from people, with little or no experience, having already spent $3,000-$6,000, who then request consideration for training. Then they present an abstract with three or more violations. Yes, a lot of companies are looking for drivers but they also expect the potential driver to have done his homework with future trucking companies.

I hope this helps Alex and other new drivers.

David Brown – Recruiting, Safety & Enforcement

Warren Gibson Transportation

Alliston, Ont.

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