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Speaking English Is A Requirement

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

The Indian Trucking Association (ITA) will be asking for Punjabispeaking officers? (April Truck News, pg. 19). Are they for real? Is the ITA going to support this financially? Why do they want Punjabi-speaking officers? Is it because they can’t speak the language? If they can’t speak the language, how did they get their licence? A translator?

Who translates road signs, emergency traffic billboards, EMS, MTO, police, border, civilian and customer dialogue? How about the regular maintenance on the trucks? How do they perform circle checks, read warning labels especially on WHMIS-controlled products, read instructions at petroleum fill stations and the list goes on and on?

Being not able to speak, read and write English in Canada is not acceptable in 2009, especially when you are in the workplace.

Darren Bartels

Via e-mail

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