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Speed Limiters To Create Havoc

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

I would like to comment on the new speed limiter law. It is one of the most ridiculous laws ever passed. How can anyone justify that the roads will be much safer with this new law? The only way that a lot of trucks can avoid an accident with car drivers is to speed up at times to get away from them and avoid a collision.

This will create major havoc on the roads as trucks will be all running at 105 km/h and will block two lanes of traffic for miles if one decides to pass another. Car drivers will go absolutely insane trying to get around all this slow truck traffic.

Secondly, we have trucks running all over the United States and western provinces, so this is going to be a joke when the speed limit is up to 70 and 80 mph and our truck is locked in at 105 km/h. I can’t imagine what kind of a turmoil this is going to cause with so much car and truck traffic in the US. They will start giving us tickets for going too slow and holding up traffic.

I drove trucks most of my life which included hauling lumber all over the US and most parts of Canada. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that trucks are a very small percentage of the problems on our roads.

Betty Boothby Trout Creek, Ont.

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