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Stay out of my business!

Dear Editor:...

Dear Editor:

I have just received and read your September issue and had to comment on the replies to the article on speed limiters on trucks.

To start, I have over the years had experience with split speeds in the U.S. It has been, to my way of thinking, a hazard. Having one group going five to 10 or more mph faster than the other is in my opinion a recipe for trouble.

On more than three times I have almost been rear-ended. I try to drive as safely as I can and also try to drive to save on the number one expense – fuel. Having said that, I bought this truck and trailer as an owner/operator and I make the payments.

Until the government pays my payments, I feel it has no right to force me to install at my cost (I assume) a limiter to govern my speed.

I try not to speed but I do not want Dad and the family rear-ending my rig. So to end with a word to the government, stay out of my business.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Wayne O’Leary

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