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Technology Watch (November 01, 2002)

GEOCOMtms and Maddocks integrate fleet managementGEOCOMtms, a provider of tracking, monitoring and messaging solutions and Maddocks Systems, a supplier of enterprise-wide trucking software, have annou...

GEOCOMtms and Maddocks integrate fleet management

GEOCOMtms, a provider of tracking, monitoring and messaging solutions and Maddocks Systems, a supplier of enterprise-wide trucking software, have announced a partnership that integrates their technologies to improve the management of trucks within a fleet.

Under the agreement, Maddocks has integrated TruckMate for Windows with A.MAZE Tracking, a fleet tracking, messaging and communication gateway software solution by GEOCOMtms.

A. MAZE Tracking includes standard messaging, forms and position reporting, in cab e-mail, J-Bus compatibility to provide data collection and exception reporting, the ability to update and configure the mobile application remotely, mobile routing requests fulfilled using industry standard routing engines, multiple terrestrial and satellite-based communication protocols as well as other management tools and services.

Fuel tax and mileage made simple with new solution

Turnpike Global Technologies has partnered with Cancom communications systems to produce TurnpikeDirect – a fuel and miles tax solution.

The fuel and miles tax service eliminates the time and aggravation spent generating IFTA and U.S. state mileage tax reports by simply processing the data points provided by Cancom’s OmniTRACS system. Simple online applications compile, audit and store the data preparing it for reporting and inquiries.

Typically it is the onus of the driver to record and store trip sheets or logs manually, and often 7 to 10 days after the actual trip whereby the details become blurred and errors are made.

With TurnpikeDirect, the mandatory labor-intensive process that plagues all companies is streamlined and automated so that data entry and company review processes are removed.

“We take responsibility of this time -consuming task and remove the paperwork from the driver,” says president Colin Warkentin.

It is an Internet based product so IFTA requirements are monitored closely and any changes in the rates are implemented immediately. Carriers don’t have to update their systems each time the rates change.

“We collect the IFTA rates for the carrier and enter into the process and then produce the reports, so it’s another step in the process that we look after, and you don’t have to worry about,” Warkentin says.

Turnpike, with the help from the Cancom engine, has spent three years researching and developing TurnpikeDirect and have since installed nearly 5,000 units. The base price for a TurnpikeDirect system is $15 per month per truck.

For more information on the TurnpikeDirect system, visit or or call 1-800-376-2188.

Freight Logix reveals software for LTL market

Freight Logix unveiled its new transportation management software at the Truck World 2002 show in Toronto, recently.

John Brutin, President, explains that Freight Logix built the new software from the ground up specifically for LTL and cartage. Truckload carriers simply do not face the same complexities as LTL and cartage, he says, and the truckload software doesn’t have the flexibility to handle less-than-truckload freight.

“There is no room for grace with LTL, you have to be fast and you have to be accurate,” says Brutin. “The response to the program has been fantastic.”

By integrating all functions of the operation, from order entry to driver settlements, the software improves efficiency by eliminating redundant data entry and reducing errors.

Freight Logix has integrated with PeopleNet Communications and Qualcomm, because it is strictly an application system that functions via the services of its wireless partners.

“We take over and integrate the data for the communication company, then relay to their interface with a single flow of data entry,” Brutin says.

The program features shipment tracing, automated rating system, advanced planning and dispatch tools, complete zoning capabilities, the ability to handle international exchanges, integrated driver communications and a task management system.

According to Brutin, Freight Logix is a simple solution for complex freight, as it will help to lower operating costs by increasing profit per mile, maximizing resource utilization and keeping a record of all operations.

Visit for more information or call 519-576-5399.

Richer Systems Group unveils new Enrich TMS

Richer Systems Group (RSG) has added new capabilities to the Enrich Transportation Management System (TMS) including dispatch, freight billing, driver settlement, and warehouse management through an OEM licensing arrangement with SCORE Corporation of Canton, Michigan.

Enrich TMS is a modular software package that can be deployed progressively and extends functionality to every part of the business: freight and truck operations, asset management and maintenance, fuel management, compliance, accounting and financial reporting, payroll and HR, customer service.

Enrich TMS can be integrated with a wide range of technologies: in-cab communications, EDI, customer web portals, PDA and other hand-held devices, reporting and data analysis tools.

Chevin expands its fleet management product into N.A.

Chevin Fleet Solutions, a provider of fleet management software and solutions, is launching its fleet management software into the North American market.

Chevin says its strategy is to provide users with software that incorporates benefits such as flexible screen and data layout, client specific reporting, integrated touch screen and bar coding technology to streamline and automate the shop floor.

Web-based FleetWave is a database independent solution providing rapid installation and ROI for mid and large-size fleet and maintenance operators, according to the company.

“FleetWave’s screens and reporting can be easily tailored to specific user requirements, supports multi-site operations and offers multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities. For operators that have limited internal IT infrastructure and still require robust fleet and maintenance capabilities, FleetWave is also available as an ASP offering,” the company says in a release.

Its other solution, RoadBASE, is being marketed to small and mid-size fleet and maintenance operators.

“With simple yet powerful reporting, RoadBASE offers sophisticated fleet analysis without the need for complex programming. RoadBASE can be easily tailored to reflect individual fleet requirements as well as changing to meet the evolving needs of a dynamic business,” the company claims.

For further information visit its Web site:

Teletrac releases new FleetDirector with reports

Teletrac has released a new reporting feature that helps fleet owners create customized reports of vehicle mileage and service visits.

FleetDirector Service Mileage Reports is aimed at helping managers better plan and schedule the servicing of their trucks to prevent costly maintenance emergencies.

Fleet managers will be able to predict when their vehicles will require service rather than waiting until a part fails, and will be warned of expiring service warrenties, according to the company.

“FleetDirector’s overall mission is to improve private fleet owner’s bottom line, whether through enhanced productivity, customer service, or security,” says Tony Eales, CEO of Teletrac. “Our new reporting feature provides fleets with yet another tool to decrease overhead, so they can concentrate even more energy and resources on core business practices.”

Fleet managers input vehicle service schedule information into the system and FleetDirector then produces detailed reports on demand of the vehicle’s mileage, mileage at last service and the predicted time and mileage before the next scheduled maintenance. It also records the vehicle’s speed and mileage using GPS technology.

Call 800-835-3872 for more information,or visit

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