Truckers should look in the mirror

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Dear Editor,

As an owner/operator, I have been watching recent protests and listening to the trucker’s complaints. Everyone is feeling the effects of high fuel costs – be it the owner/operators, businesses or homeowners.

Some truckers have no problem finding people to blame for their situations. Maybe they should start by looking at themselves. Yes, fuel prices have increased over the past seven months, but only over the past three have they been extremely high. If you can’t afford the fluctuations of fuel prices over the short term, then there were money management problems long before the fuel prices arose.

Asking the government or shipping companies to solve their self-inflicted problems is not the answer. You need to get your costs under control and find a fair compensation package. If that can’t be done, you should have second thoughts about buying or owning a truck. This current crisis is separating businessmen from the cowboys.

Greg Darlington

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