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Various programs allow recruitment of foreign drivers

TORONTO, Ont. - With thousands of driving jobs going begging in Canada, it's no surprise that some carriers are looking overseas to fill the demand....

TORONTO, Ont. – With thousands of driving jobs going begging in Canada, it’s no surprise that some carriers are looking overseas to fill the demand.

Last year the Yanke Group actively recruited drivers in the United Kingdom, taking out ads in newspapers and trade magazines and running job fairs in England and Scotland.

Currently, Yanke has about 80 drivers and families from the UK settled in the Saskatoon area and most of them have bought homes. This year, according to president Scott Johnston, the company is seeking to bring in another 44 drivers from Britain and Scotland to bolster their Alberta operations.

“These are exceptional drivers,” said Johnston. “With the ever-changing U.S. border situation we thought it wise to align ourselves with a country that is a strong ally of the United States, and so far we’ve had absolutely no problems.”

Yanke prescreens the prospective drivers before they arrive in Canada on a one-year work permit. Then they are given an extensive four-week training course which includes community orientation.

With the help of a Provincial Nominee Program (available in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and most of the Atlantic provinces) they are allowed to apply for landed immigrant status within six months.

Friendly work environment

But Yanke isn’t the only prairie carrier to show interest in foreign drivers. A call to Norm Shultz in Winnipeg, chief recruiter for TransX, found James Melia of Warsaw, England in his office applying for a job.

“In England the lorry driving industry is discontented and fed up,” Melia told Truck News. “Here the working environment seems a lot more friendly.”

The UK contingent is an important component of TransX’s driving force. “They’re everything to us,” said Schultz. “Quite frankly, God doesn’t make a better, more thoughtful, or more dedicated driver. They have 10 to 15 years experience and they can park a trailer where our guys wouldn’t even consider it.”

Unlike Yanke, TransX does not recruit drivers overseas. Their UK applicants are referred by immigration consultants who collect a fee from their clients, often around 5,000 British pounds and upwards (CAD$12,000).

TranX has hired drivers from New Zealand and India, but Shultz can’t get enough UK applicants. “Manitoba could use 2,000 drivers,” he said. “I’m looking at 31 coming over right now and I’ll have 90 to 100 by the time I’m done at the end of the year.”

Bison Transport is moving slowly into European recruiting and looking at drivers from another community too, according to Garth Pitzel, director of safety and driver development.

“We’re just getting involved right now, as a trial period,” he said. “It gives us another option to get qualified drivers. We have the ability to bring in up to 20 drivers, mostly from the Germany, Austria, Switzerland area.”

Pitzel thinks these drivers will have experience with mountain and winter conditions. “And,” he added, “you have to be fluent in English to operate in the United States and most of these drivers are.”

Atlantic immigration program

Companies in the Atlantic provinces also appear to be taking advantage of the provincial programs.

Rolf and Annette Sluiter of Centreville, N.B. started Eastern Canada Immigration and Job Consultants after a corn roast they had at their farm a couple of years ago. Rolf, a former potato farmer and Dutch truck driver, got to talking with a neighbour about the chronic driver shortage.

He and his wife, an immigration consultant, researched the subject and quickly realized there was a niche for Dutch truck drivers who wanted to emigrate. In the past year and a half their company has brought over around 60 drivers and is expecting 36 in the next year. Most of their clients come from Holland but there are also a few Belgians and Germans.

“The rate of pay is a little lower but the quality of life here is much better. In Holland we have 17 million people in a country half the size of New Brunswick,” said Rolf Sluiter. “Some people dream of driving a big truck and owning their own home.”

The Sluiters go as far as picking up the trucking family at the airport and loading their refrigerator with groceries. “We are immigrants ourselves,” said Annette Sluiter. “So it is important for new Canadians to know there is someone who can help them.”

One company that is extremely pleased with their Dutch drivers is Donnelly Farms Ltd. of Hartland N.B. According to Ginelle Martin, director of safety and compliance and recruiting, Donnelly Farms hired its first Dutch emigrant driver after her boss watched a presentation that Rolf Sluiter made to the APTA.

“They have been nothing but excellent,” said Martin, whose company will soon have five Dutch drivers delivering frozen food and produce in the Atlantic provinces and along the eastern seaboard.

“We’re looking for extremely qualified Class 1 drivers for insurance reasons,” she said. “All these guys have 10 years experience and no accidents.”

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  1. Patrick says:

    I live in Ireland. I want to emmigrate to Canada.I have driven everything except trucks. I would love to learn. I have been told that some companies in Canada bring over workers and train them up to be qualified truck drivers and that you can then work for them , as long as you have passed all tests. Is this true and if so where can I go to find out more?
    Thank You

  2. Michael Gower says:

    Patrick, Canada has an unemployment rate of 8%, do you really believe that we need to import truck drivers from half a world away. Only the bottom feeders need to import truck drivers from half way around the world because they have worn out their welcome with Canadian drivers! Are their carriers from Ireland inporting truck drivers from Canada? I didn’t think so.

    • Christopher says:

      I’m a Jamaican with over twenty years of truck driving experience and I am very interested in your program

  3. Christopher Brown says:

    I’m a Jamaican truck driver with over two years driving tractor trailers and sixteen years driving straight chassis trucks. How do I get on the foreign driver program. I’m vary interested in it.

  4. elvis says:

    i am a Zimbabwean truck driver and have interest in Canadian jobs. i have three years experience.

  5. Arnold says:

    Im truck driver based in south africa i would like to eork with u


    Iam MAHMOUDI Rabie from Algeria, 39 years old, a truck driver since 2011 and i have my diplomats and licenses about that.i worked as a driver in Algeria long distance and short distance for meany years.

    I’am looking for a new career in my life there with your company, as a driver i really need more information to join your kind company.
    Very interested because i do love this job and i want from you to inform me about how i can join it.

  7. Hi iam a Zimbabwean national truck driver with 20 yrs experience in driving heavy duty trucks currently working in South Africa. How do I get on the foregn driver programs. Iam very much interested in the program.

  8. austine says:

    Hello, my name is austine egbufor, I am a nigerian, but currently working in cameroon, I am a truck driver with six years of experience and clean driving history, I am a very hard working guy, no drugs no alcohol no cigarettes, I am very interested to work with you, I drive both manual and automatic truck, pls I will be very happy if you will help me. I awaits your reply , THANKS.

  9. Hi guys I am a professional truck driver with 14 years of experience and 6 years of experience in transporting dangerous goods by road I’m a Zimbabwean currently residing in South Africa I hold both valid Zimbabwean class 2 and South African code 14.Passport .i am interested in the foreign drivers program

  10. Jacob Banwa says:

    Hi i am driver with 3 years experience working in South Africa and Zimbabwe .I am lookin g for driver job in Canada my number is +263 772486719

  11. Hi,I am a south african tanker truck driver,aged 44.Have over 10years experience in long distance driving from south africa into the entire SADC region.Has a valid dangerous good licence and passport and I love your programme.Thank you!

  12. umeh charles says:

    am a 26year old nigerian citizen with over 5years experience in driving both manaul and automatic gear box vehicles,i will to work in canada,admin i need your assistants to get a good driving job in canada,remain blessed dear

  13. Suresh kt says:

    I’m Suresh kt.(Indian nationality.kerala. cochin). I want to truck driver job in UK. 5years container trailer truck driving in cochin Sea port & 9 years Long haul truck driving continue in almarai diary company kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  14. ALBERT says:

    Hi I’m truck driver with 12 years experience code 14. conveying dangerous goods,chemicals,fuel,dry bulk.lm interested to advance my knowledge abroad as a truck driver.Residing at Johannesburg in South Africa.

  15. daniel says:

    Gold good old The England nature of Canada is wildly are some employers..Do not put the money in advance to careful…

  16. oballim Philip says:

    Am in Uganda currently with over 7years of driving and very interested in joining your company as a driver, i would love to get the processes of applying so that i come and work in your company. pliz reply me.

  17. Am interested, looking to be trained to drive trucks

  18. sylvester uboh says:

    Hi, My names are Sylvester Uboh, i am Professional car driver and my experience spans over 7years. I am interested and i would like to be contacted ASAP

  19. Ebenezer Paul Taighobue says:

    hello am Ebenezer PAUL Taighobue,I love too work in your company, I am an professional and international driver,I have drive in three different countries in west Africa. I have my international driver license plus 8years experience.

  20. Services Company says:

    Looking for Truck Drivers who are ready to work and relocate to Canada and America for seasonal Jobs. Email:

  21. Fahad Rashid says:

    Am a truck driver and am in Tanzania i have worked for the particular job for more than eight(8) year so i have got good experience for the job. so i kindly request to be contacted. Asap

  22. chamu says:

    I am a professional truck driver with 8+ years of experience in handling Heavy combination trucks, fuel tanker trucks and trailers. Currently I am living and working in South Africa and I’m willing to go through all due expatriation and immigration processes in order for me to relocate to Canada and well aware of driving laws, rules and regulations in Australia and I am willing to relocate and join with my girlfriend whose already a Canadian in Manitoba.
    I have an on hand experience in reading location maps, handing GPS and navigation, maintaining travel logs, knowledge about vehicle maintenance.
    Currently, I am working with Heavy Truck supervisor Manager, as a heavy truck driver and responsible for delivering goods to different destinations across Africa checking amount of goods loaded and unloaded, manage expenses, and more.
    I am a mild-mannered driver with great patience that allows me to wait for long hours when required. My previous employers guarantee my integrity and hard work. I would like to meet with you to discuss my driving and i look forward for an opportunity for a personal interview where we can discuss and explore contribution that i can bring to the transport industry and Canada
    Thank you
    Kind regards

  23. Lucas Kimutai says:

    I am Lucas in Kenya, over 3 years experience in truck and tractor driving, interested in the working in Canada especially big farms.

  24. Lakhwinder Singh gill says:

    Hi, I’m lakhwinder Singh from Singapore, over 2 year experience in truck driving, interested in the working in Canada. Cont.

  25. We are recruiting agency base in Tema-Ghana. Our company is Regency International Security, we have so far recruited 200 security guides, 50 driver and plumbers and other artisans to Qatar . We want to partner your outfit thanks.

  26. Yaroslav says:

    Hello. I’m Yaroslav from Ukraine. I’m 49 years old. I’ve been driving for 2 years across Europe being faced with a lot of challanges. I got a lot of advantages like being solution-oriented, having quick mind and knowing Russian, Italian and English languages. In addition, I dont have any bad habits. I’ll be looking forward your reply.

  27. Ralphique says:

    Hello, My name is Ralphique Kantande a Malawian truck driver looking forward to participate in your program.

    I have Code CE driving Licence and valid Passport

  28. Am a truck driver 14 years experience driving local and cross border.Help me secure a job anywhere in Canada.Am ready to relocate.

  29. Hello,I have driven most trucks and trailers i.e. De mounts draw bar A frame,double decker tanks ,26 years accident free,I think it’s time for a change,

  30. Russel says:

    Am a truck driver 7 ears experience driving local and a cross me sucure a job anywhere in canada

  31. Edmore Kahonde says:

    Hi I’m Edmore kahonde I’m a truck Drive 8yrs experience I have south African drivers licence code 14 but I’m looking a job in canada thank you

  32. gopal shukla says:

    After 26 years of journalism, I now intend to make a new and big decision in my life … I want to be a truck driver now and I want to feed my family by earning not only by becoming a truck driver, but the most beautiful of the world And one of the big countries America also want to see
    In this connection, I have been seeking every small piece of information about truck driving for a long time …

    I am eager to know any program to teach a foreign driver first and then to give him a driver’s job here (CANADA). That’s why I am asking because if there is such a program then I would like to be part of that program …The advantage of both of them in one stroke can be possible … I will get a job in Canada … and make you a true and good working person.
    You can also take double advantage of my success … through your promotional films, you can show people around the world how far and far your company thinks … and also training the foreigner by giving them training Works to provide employment.
    Being a journalist, I also know that at present, the world is facing the problem of lack of drivers in the world, and especially … According to one estimate, only about 60 thousand truck drivers are needed in the US and Canada. And the truck company needs good and capable drivers … but they are not getting … In this way I can also say that I can fill one place in this empty place

    If I get an opportunity, I will win heart and honestly all the heart and also the bonus amount.
    Your well-wishers

  33. Yaoutiomene Dieudonne says:

    I’m a Cameroonian born nationality, a mechanic and truck driver for over 8 years, which to relocate and be integrate in USA,Canada or Australia through your network,hope to hear from you when the need arise, thanks.

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