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Waivers Don’t Help Drivers Get Hired by Companies

Dear Editor,...

Dear Editor,

Hi my name is Ray Caldwell. I live in Brantford Ont.

I was reading the article in the May ’04 edition about these waivers for drivers. In fact I am also one of the unfortunate drivers who has a waiver because of a weak eye.

Every year (since I first got my A/Z license in 1999) I have to test my eyes and every year I have to wait the same six-to-eight weeks to be notified that I can still hold my A/Z.

Last year was no different, until I received this letter from the MTO that said and I quote: “Under the terms of the Canada/U.S. Medical Reciprocity Agreement, you are not permitted to operate a commercial vehicle in the U.S.”

I was floored.

I lost my job (I had to inform the company I worked for). I was on unemployment from Sept ’03 till April ’04, when I got a call for local work.

Throughout the whole period I was unemployed, even though my name and resume were on the driver link.

And it was really depressing when I got calls from really great companies, asking me why I can’t go to the U.S. Companies like Travellers, Highland, Carbra, Werner, Celadon, Kleysen – the list goes on.

Even the company I am working for now wants me to go, but instead, I am stuck making only $14 an hour to drive around Toronto.

Apparently, that is all I am worth.

Well I am not lying down and taking it.

I’ve been taking this up with a lawyer and I want to be compensated for all the money that is now lost to me.

The MTO had eight weeks when they first started testing me in 1999 to research this and notify me.

They did not and it is the ministry’s fault so as far as I’m concerned they can stop making excuses and pay up!

Ray Caldwell

Via e-mail

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