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What’s New… (December 01, 2003)

Qualcomm has just announced the latest version of the FleetAdvisor system will include support for the new Hours of Service regulations issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in Apr...

Qualcomm has just announced the latest version of the FleetAdvisor system will include support for the new Hours of Service regulations issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in April, 2003. FleetAdvisor is a transportation management system that supports automated full-function on-board computing, vehicle tracking, office software and real-time wireless communications. With this new feature, Qualcomm customers will be compliant and paperless once the new FMCSA rules take effect on Jan. 4, 2004. For details, visit

The Safe-Vue washer solvent heater from Rostra Precision Controls works year-round by heating windshield washer solvent to melt ice and snow, remove road oils, tree sap, insects and other dirt or film. Suitable for use in virtually any vehicle from commercial trucks to passenger vehicles, the patented system automatically heats the solvent in a separate reservoir within 90 seconds of a cold start, is thermostatically controlled to prevent overheating, and is insulated to continuously and safely keep the fluid warm. Safe-Vue easily installs in line in the factory washer supply hose that connects the reservoir to the nozzles. The nozzles are mounted at the base of the windshield, in the hood or on the wiper arms. The system also is suitable for headlamp washer systems. The system retails for $85, and carries a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty. For details, visit

PeopleNet recently announced it is developing a new product called Activity Standards, a reporting tool that will allow fleets running fixed or recurring routes to track and measure the efficiency of their daily routes and activities. PeopleNet will begin field testing the new application beginning November 2003. Activity standards will allow fleet managers to monitor fleet activity and quickly become aware of exceptions to normal or standard processes. The application allows fleets to create a benchmark for processes along their routes from learned data. When behaviours occur that are exceptions to company standards, fleet managers have a tool to proactively manage operations for greatest efficiency. Key activities that will be compared to learned standards include: travel time; stop times; average miles per hour; planned vs. unplanned stops; total trip time. Future report enhancements will include additional stop activities such as wait time, load time, inspection time and others. Activities can be configured by creating forms on the PeopleNet online Fleet Manager. The PeopleNet system monitors and tracks fleet activities using GPS and engine data, along with input from the driver. The system then continuously compares this data to company-defined standards or goals. The resulting information is displayed in the form of comparative reports that highlight the exceptions across events. For information, visit

Cole Hersee Company has introduced its new tin-plated busbars. The tin-plated busbars, which connect circuit wires carrying heavy current, are constructed of solid brass with a protective coating of tin. Ideal for heavy duty trucking applications, the busbars provide a secure connection and exceptional conductivity while resisting tarnishing and discoloration. Cole Hersee’s tin-plated busbars are terminal blocks with common hot feed connections, and have an insulator base of molded plastic that is moisture-resistant. The busbars hold eight 32 inch roundhead screws for connections and come in both 10-gang and 20-gang. The terminals have 1/4 20 inch brass studs with hex nuts included, and safely carries up to 36 volts. The mounting for the Busbars is designed for two number 10 countersink flathead screws for easy installation. For details, visit

Integrated Barcoding Systems (IBS) has released QuikTrac 5.1. The new screen integration tool allows I Series users to extend their RP/MRP applications out to their warehouse or shop floor without modifications to their existing host code or interfacing into their system’s database. QuikTrac 5.1 allows AS 400 users to take their existing I Series applications and map them down to a wireless fixed or portable data collection device. This enables users to interact with their ERP/MRP software from a remote location in real-time.For details, call 908-823-9400.

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