Bison driver named Highway Angel

by Truck News

WINNIPEG, Man. – A Bison Transport driver has been recognized by the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) for helping another truck driver whose truck jackknifed in B.C.

The incident happened May 6, 2016. Taljinder Sohi left a brake check and was headed southbound on Hwy. 5, just north of Merritt, B.C. He was passed by another truck driver who then lost control on a corner.

Sohi pulled his truck over and checked on the driver, who was in shock.

“I saw that fuel was leaking out of his truck and I told him to turn the truck off, but he was in shock and didn’t realize what was going on,” said Sohi.

He asked the driver if there was anyone else in the truck and the driver told him his team driver was in the sleeper. He found the other professional truck driver unharmed. Sohi helped both drivers out of the truck, called 911, and stayed on-site until help arrived.

“I know if I stop and help then maybe one day if I need help someone will do the same for me,” Sohi said.

Sohi has been named a Highway Angel by the TCA.

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  • That’s wonderful what this driver did….may he receive many blessings.

    Let us hope that he also one day receives the help he needs should he ever need it.

    That may not be likely as there is a strong streak of racism running through this industry….one only need to read many postings on social media and candian truck message boards. Already I’ve seen posters post pictures of accidents with captions and emoticons dissing people wearing turbans–how they even knew that someone who wears a turban was even involved beats me–but the poster sure knew!! What a weaker than—projecting their own low self-respect onto someone who they don’t even know.