Fleet Tax Pro form aimed at simplifying Alberta’s new vehicle registration process

by Truck West

CALGARY, Alta. – New regulations on how Albertans in the trucking industry fill out their motor vehicle registration forms have taken effect, and with 2016 looming, several owner-operators, leasers and businesses will have to adhere to these new rules.

Sandy Johnson of North Star Fleet Solutions, creator of the Fleet Tax Pro website and Truck West columnist, presented a webinar earlier in the month to help those looking for information on these new provincial standards.

“There seems to be a lot of confusion around not only whose name can appear on a registration,” said Johnson, “but also some new forms which are required, when they are required and whose name goes on the form and where.”

Owner-operators, for example, were previously listed on vehicle registrations as the lessor, but under the new rules, only leasing companies can appear on the forms.

Johnson said many owner-operators are ‘scratching their heads’ over this change, as having one’s name on the registration as the owner of a piece of equipment ‘would seem to be an important detail.’

However, as Johnson pointed out, the province has indicated that only a valid bill of sale is proof of ownership, not vehicle registration, which is why she emphasized the importance of retaining the bill of sale.

Prior to the new regulations, if a vehicle was owned, registration documents would indicate the owner-operator’s name as the lessor, and if the vehicle was leased, both the leasing company and owner-operator’s name would show as the lessor.

Now, if a vehicle is owned, the lessor field remains blank, and if the vehicle is leased, only the leasing company’s name will appear as the lessor.

Johnson did say the new vehicle registrations can be complicated, and that Fleet Tax Pro has created an Excel form to make that process easier.

To order Fleet Tax Pro’s Alberta Motor Vehicle forms tool for $5 USD visit https://ie121.infusionsoft.com/srv/bindings/a5674228f855478588cca595e430d9a3/code/orderForms/MV-Forms-Tool?inf_contact_key=d98bb58f34f59c1238f22700b8ee76b4893ba82d588c4ef32e43076723d3138e

To view the full webinar visit https://northstarfleet.wistia.com/medias/ax6anzup4b?inf_contact_key=0e929e3610a929ace8b3333183326e1fb577190f73c2f3f84115356c36d5c543

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