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Scale pre-clearance could be coming to Ontario

TORONTO, Ont. – The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has issued a request for information to help set the stage for the future development of commercial vehicle pre-clearance and pre-screening systems at the province’s scales.

The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) lauded the announcement, noting it has been lobbying for the province to adopt automated scales for years. It contends that through technological advancements, the MTO can better focus its roadside enforcement resources on the equipment and carriers it knows in advance require enforcement attention.

“The release of MTO’s Request for Information is a very positive signal that the province is prepared to move forward and explore the feasibility of introducing this technology, which fits well with OTA’s longstanding position that enforcement attention should be focused where its most required,” said Geoff Wood, OTA’s vice-president, operations and safety.

The MTO says it will first look at the feasibility and design of the enforcement system, followed by piloting of the systems at key locations. If the pilot proves successful, the MTO will expand the technology province-wide.

“It is critical that all inspections are captured and recorded in some medium and provided appropriate level of credit,” Wood continued. “Technologies associated with pre-clearance and pre-screening are capable of capturing these types of interactions. We look forward to working with MTO and OTA member carriers to bring this modernized approach to truck safety.”

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2 Comments » for Scale pre-clearance could be coming to Ontario
  1. Lane Kranenburg says:

    Ontario may want to look at Alberta’s (PIC) Partners In Compliance program, where a company must provide proof of compliance to bypass scales and only face inspection two percent of scale passes.

  2. robert says:

    Go to the USA they got it all figured out long time ago and it work perfectly.

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