Allison Unveils Hybrid System

H 3000 automatic hybrid system

The new Allison H 3000 hybrid propulsion system is designed for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles in distribution, refuse, utility and shuttle applications.

The fully-automatic parallel hybrid system is based on the Allison 3000 Series transmission which is matched with hybrid system components, including a motor/generator, power electronics, and lithium-ion cell battery packs. Scalable to each application, the modular lithium-ion battery packs enable an optimal amount of energy capacity to be tailored to a specific vehicle or duty cycle, allowing for greater flexibility and performance, says Allison.

The H 3000 captures otherwise wasted energy during vehicle braking and uses it to assist in vehicle propulsion and powering of auxiliary equipment. The design features a torque converter fully-automatic transmission.

It will also come equipped with Allison’s latest generation of electronic controls which offer a variety of features to further improve productivity and efficiency. Depending on vocation and duty cycle, the system can offer fuel savings up to 25%, Allison says.

Production is expected to begin later this year.

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