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B.C. targeting unsafe dump trucks

VICTORIA, B.C. -- The province of B.C. has launched a campaign that will target unsafe dump truck operators.

VICTORIA, B.C. — The province of B.C. has launched a campaign that will target unsafe dump truck operators.

"Unsafe dump trucks pose a significant threat to the safety of our streets and communities," said B.C.’s Solicitor General, Rich Coleman. "We are out there to let owners and operators know that if they don’t play by the rules we’ll get their trucks off the road."

Ministry of Transportation inspectors will work alongside police to conduct inspections at roadside sites across the Lower Mainland over the course of the next eight months. The inspectors will be looking at all aspects of dump truck safety, including brake connections and adjustments, steering wheels and rims, lights, emergency equipment and load security.

Trucks failing the inspection will immediately be placed out of service until the safety issues are addressed. The campaign has been launched in response to a rash of serious dump truck crashes in the Lower Mainland. Police say they have found safety-related problems with dump trucks in the past, placing up to 40 per cent of them out of service at some inspections. This while the safety record for commercial vehicles in other segments has been improving.

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1 Comment » for B.C. targeting unsafe dump trucks
  1. Tim Wourms says:

    Let me start with my experience. I have driven truck for 30 years. I am also the owner of Classic Driver Training. What I also do is consulting in the trucking industry.
    The trucking industry in Canada is eroding at an alarming rate. I have worked with companies this year that have been so unsafe they shouldn’t be in business.
    When is the heads of this industry going to get their heads out of the sand. Companies in the industry’s not only turn a blind eye to drivers cheating on their logs, but they encourage it. You might think you can log 15 minutes loading when it takes 2 or 3 hours and get away with it, but it doesn’t make the driver or anyone else less dead if he falls asleep trying to get 18 or 20 hours out of the day. It is happening, I see it in every company I look at. Anyone telling me that this and other ways of cheating isn’t happening in this industry on a daily bases is just plain ignorant.
    Every company I worked with the last few years knew their drivers cheated, but did nothing to stop it. I talked one company into install electric logs. Their mileage per truck went down 25%. That company removed the electric logs in faver of going back to paper logs.
    They felt the loss in revenue out weighed the noncompliance audit from CVSE. They wanted me to come up with a way to keep the miles, without cheating on their paper logs.
    I have news for the industry, that wont work, and I wont teach someone to hide unsafe acts in the name of revenue. When will this industry get its head out of the sand. Drivers work more hours then they can legally work. If a company turns a blind eye to logbook cheating, they have just as much blood on their hands as their driver when they kill someone.
    Like it or not, this industry is unsafe. All you have to do is drive from Vancouver to Alberta to see how fast, and how aggressive the trucks have become. Stop hiding the truth, and make a difference. Remember the most important thing is you and your family. Don’t do what your company tells you to do, or lets you get away with, do what you have to do to get home safely to the ones that love you.

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