Bendix offers tips for tire pressure monitoring systems

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ELYRIA, Oh. – As part of its Tech Tips series, Bendix has released maintenance and installation tips for systems and sensors inside the tire.

“Ninety percent of all tire failures are caused by underinflation, and almost half of all emergency service calls are tire-related,” said Jon Intagliata, product manager for Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) at Bendix. “A tire pressure monitoring system can provide the crucial information that enables fleets and drivers to address potential failures before they occur, improving tire life, fuel economy, and safety.”

Though tire pressure monitoring systems can vary depending on which manufacturer has intalled them, they all generally operate the same way: sensors are mounted in the whell to measure a tire’s pressure. The information the system collects is transmitted wirelessly to an in-cab display or hand-held device.

Bendix released the following tips to technicians:
·         Always complete the installation with the rim standing up.

·         Once the mounting strap has been measured to the proper length to hold the sensor in place around the wheel, the excess strap length should be cut off prior to final installation. Never bend the strap to break it off after you have installed the sensor.

·         Sensors should be placed at or near the valve stem to facilitate locating the sensor after the tire has been mounted.

·         When mounting sensors on dual wheels, make sure the valve stem positions – and thus, the sensors – are offset 180.

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