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Cummins says it’s ready for 2010

COLUMBUS, Ind. -- Cummins has issued a release reaffirming its readiness for EPA2010 emissions regulations.

COLUMBUS, Ind. — Cummins has issued a release reaffirming its readiness for EPA2010 emissions regulations.


The company will be using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) with a copper zeolite catalyst the company says will result in fuel savings in the range of 5%. The company’s ISX15 will also use a new Cummins XPI fuel system, reduced levels of exhaust gas recirculation and an advanced variable geometry turbocharger.


Cummins will also be introducing a new ISX11.9 medium-bore engine, which will use common subsystems with the ISX15, the company announced. Cummins ISX today enjoys 45% of the heavy-duty on-highway market share, according to the company.


“Cummins 2010 engines will deliver what customers need in these challenging economic times,” said Jim Kelly, president, engine business. “The engines are already being produced off our production lines for customer field tests. We’re getting great feedback from our field tests, and our products, our people and our customer support are ready for 2010. In addition to the fuel economy gains associated with SCR and our XPI fuel system, the performance and reliability enhancements that come with decreased EGR rates are even greater than we estimated, and we’re convinced now more than ever that SCR technology is the right technology for 2010.”


Cummins also addressed reports that the copper-zeolite catalyst material Cummins plans to use in its SCR catalyst may not receive EPA approval. In a customer Q&A, Cummins said: “We have received the letter from the EPA. This was not a surprise to us; we have had discussions with the EPA previously on this subject. We are cooperating with the EPA on their request for testing and resulting data. The EPA is working on a test methodology, and an independent research firm will be conducting their tests. In accordance with this guidance letter, we will be conducting our own tests, and will provide the data to EPA. “


The company added “We are confident that copper-zeolite-based catalyst is the best technology available for meeting the 2010 EPA standards and providing the best possible fuel efficiency for our customers. Copper zeolite provides a much higher NOx conversion efficiency than Iron Zeolite – therefore providing better fuel economy benefits.  Cummins firmly believes that test results will indicate that copper-zeolite catalysts will pose no harmful effects when applied properly.”



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