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Don’t be a cheapskate when it comes to retreads: TRIB

PACIFIC GROVE, Cal. -- The Tire Retread Information Bureau (TRIB) is advising fleets and O/Os that cheaper isn't al...

PACIFIC GROVE, Cal. — The Tire Retread Information Bureau (TRIB) is advising fleets and O/Os that cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to retreads.

The organization says a “cap and casing” is often a term used to describe a poor quality retreaded tire. But the cap and casing is as good as the retreader who produces it, points out Harvey Brodsky, managing director of TRIB.

“When price rather than quality is the foremost consideration in the choice of a retread, problems with the tire will occur,” he warns. “All too frequently, owner/operators and fleets risk their money and safety on the cheapest retreads available and hope for the best. Instead, they ought to be making sound retread buying decisions by shopping for the right retread at the right price from businesses with a proven track record.”

Retreading is a manufacturing process and no two worn casings are the same, Brodsky explains. Therefore, training and workmanship are vital to a high quality retread.

“A retreaded tire is only as good as the workmanship and the quality control in the plant that manufactured it,” adds Brodsky. “That is why it is so important to know deal with reputable retreaders who produce quality retreads. The TRIB Retread Tire Buyers Guide provides a listing of the good guys – retreaders who truly care about their products and their customers.”

The TRIB Retread Tire Buyers Guide is available on TRIB’s Web site at Or, you can get a copy by calling TRIB at 888-473-8732.

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