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Donaldson introduces smaller diesel air cleaners

MINNEAPOLIS, Min. -- Manufacturers of small- to medium-duty off-road diesel engines can now obtain a more compact a...

MINNEAPOLIS, Min. — Manufacturers of small- to medium-duty off-road diesel engines can now obtain a more compact air cleaner filtration solution, without sacrificing effectiveness, according to Donaldson Company Inc.

Bridging the gap for smaller, yet full-featured air cleaners, Donaldson’s new FKB-Series product line from Donaldson is smaller than equivalent products currently on the market, but still delivers equal performance.

The new air cleaners provide a space- and cost-saving option for diesel-engine manufacturers in the agriculture, construction, mining and industrial-engine markets.

The FKB-Series air cleaner reduces contaminants flowing into the air intake system, providing engine protection from harmful contaminants and increasing engine performance and fuel efficiency. Donaldson FKB-Series air cleaners offer improved airflow restriction.

The air cleaner’s plastic housing and durable construction tolerates all types of off-road operating environments. The two smallest air cleaners of FKB-Series are ideal for off-road equipment operating in medium-dust conditions with engine airflow ranges between 35 and 400 cfm.

The FKB-Series air cleaners are currently available in 4- and 5-inch models, with, 6- and 8-inch models available this summer – for maximum compatibility with a broad range of off-road engine models. The 4-, 5-, 6- and 8-inch FKB-Series air cleaners are designed primarily for engines used in small construction, industrial equipment and medium-duty applications. Larger air cleaner sizes, including the 10-, 12- and 14-inch models, currently under development, are best suited for large off-road equipment and agriculture markets.

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