Michelin X Multi Energy D drive tire

Michelin’s new X Multi Energy D drive tire is aimed at regional and “super regional” applications. SmartWay-verified, it’s said to address mileage, fuel, traction, and scrub concerns.

The company says it sees an emerging super-regional application, referring to trucks that operate about 100,000 miles per year but often within a 500-mile radius. It’s the result, says Michelin, of a continuing trend to shorter routes in the industry. Customers are looking for the fuel efficiency of a linehaul product with the mileage and traction of a regional product, the tire-maker explains

The X Multi Energy D tire is claimed to deliver “exceptional” fuel economy and casing life by utilizing Michelin’s ‘Dual Energy Compound’ tread. The top layer of tread rubber is precisely balanced to promote fuel efficiency while exhibiting the needed wear properties to resist tread scrub. The bottom layer maintains cool casing temperatures for low rolling resistance and extended casing life, Michelin says.

The tire also employs the company’s ‘Matrix’ siping technology to provide the interlocking tread action for traction and even wear. The zigzag, grooved walls of the siping provide biting edges for traction, but also water and snow evacuation. The full-depth (24/32nds) sipes deliver traction throughout the tire’s tread life.

The new X One XDN2 pre-mold retread is for those who want a wide single with the traction of a lug-style tread.

The all-weather drive design is claimed to deliver superior traction and optimized mileage, with the same siping technology described above. Full-depth sipes supply excellent traction, says Michelin, while the three-dimensional Matrix sipes lock together for the stability normally associated with solid tread blocks. The 375mm retread is available with 27/32nds of tread depth.

Its guarantee pledges 30% more mileage than competitor retreads and also guarantees a second X One trailer retread on  a Michelin casing.

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