While lane-departure warning (LDW) systems alert drivers when they’ve drifted out of their traffic lane, Takata’s new SafeTraK system has added a feature that detects and monitors erratic driving or weaving within a lane. It has two unique alerts, one for indicating drivers may need rest and one for inadvertent lane departures. 

The driver alertness feature is available on the SafeTraK 3 product. It includes vehicle-monitoring software that tracks the time of day, number of alerts, and variability in driving performance. Companies can use the SafeTraK 3 system to help their drivers better understand their own driving patterns and make adjustments to improve overall road safety, says Takata. SafeTraK can help drivers perform better against the critical measures of the CSA 2010 report card, the company notes.

The system helps operators better manage their driving so they know when to stop for rest breaks, what time of day they generally require breaks, as well as measure their driving performance in real time, Takata says.

Distracted drivers will generally weave within a lane far more than a rested driver whose full attention is on the driving task. The driver alertness feature can diagnose the driver’s inattention by monitoring the vehicle’s performance within the lane and provides a unique warning so the driver may get rest or better focus on the driving task.

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