Electrical Corrosion Protection

The newest product from Phillips Industries is part of the STA-DRY line that aims to fight corrosion build-up in truck/trailer electrical systems. The new QCMS2 (Quick Connect Modular System) is semi-hardwired to the tractor creating a complete seal at the 7-way connection. By removing the socket from the union, the QCMS2 mates directly with the STA-DRY QCS or QCS2 (Quick Connect Socket) boot which, Phillips says, is now standard on most tractors. It means there’s no break or gap where moisture can enter.

Regulations for the SAE J560 do not call for a watertight connection, the company explains, and with many connectors being constructed in different sizes for compatibility purposes, it leaves a considerable gap between the plug and socket connection, where contaminants easily enter. Phillips says the 7-way union on the tractor side is disconnected and cleaned 99% less often than the trailer 7-way union. Combined the gap in the connection and no proper maintenance with the inevitable water intrusion and you have a recipe for corrosion.

The most common warranty claims for 7-way connections are due to complete loss of electrical function on the ‘blue’ circuit, Phillips adds. This loss of function happens because of corrosion brought on by three primary reasons – lack of maintenance, water and chemical de-icer intrusion, and constant current passing through the blue circuit as long as the tractor’s key is in the ‘on’ position.

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