GSM Innovative Products of Michigan offers an innovative wear pad for spring trailer suspensions that’s said to
protect OEM hangers, reduce noise, and extend spring life. Called the Ever-Durable Warepad (EWP), it’s made from tough polymer, ultra-high-molecular-weight polyolefin.

The brainchild of small-fleet owner Greg Manchik (who runs F.J. Manchik & Son Trucking, a gravel/sand-hauling outfit) the pads recently completed a 30-month field test with a tanker fleet. Manchik says the fleet found 33% wear remaining on the Warepad after those 30 months, no visible wear to the OEM hanger or equalizer, and leaf-spring replacement cut by 95%. The pads can be installed in minutes without welding, torching or grinding.

Fleet owners using Warepads should realize reduced maintenance costs, increased up-time, and improved
truck utilization. A brochure is available. Call 586-727-9346 or visit the company website (see URL below).

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