The LockTronic from Jost International is a self-contained, battery-powered LED security system that confirms the fifth wheel is correctly coupled. It’s a simple, economic device that, placed on a Jost fifth wheel, provides drivers with a positive indication that they have achieved a safe couple.

After proper coupling a bright LED will flash every two seconds at the release handle for the first two minutes,
then slow to flash once every 10-15 seconds. The LED is positioned to have a wide range of visibility. It can be
seen from any point between the cab (the gladhands) and the landing-gear crank.

Being self-contained and battery-powered, the unit is pretty much hassle-free, with no connectors or cables to
maintain. Batteries are said to last three years, and field installation and replacement are easy, meaning little downtime.

The LockTronic is an inexpensive alternative to a full lock-monitoring system, which places new safety
technology within reach. Jost offers another, more advanced locking technology, as several other
manufacturers do, but drivers should appreciate the simplicity of this system.

“We see this product used with cab-actuated air release as the ultimate in driver comfort and a safety manager’s answer to several problems,” says Jost’s Rich Carroll. In the U.S. there is a clear trend to air release.

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