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Goodyear introduces DuraSeal technology for line-haul trucking

DALLAS, Texas -- Goodyear has adapted its self-sealing commercial tire technology on a broader scale for use on lon...

DALLAS, Texas — Goodyear has adapted its self-sealing commercial tire technology on a broader scale for use on longhaul trucks.

The new Unisteel G316 LHT line-haul trailer tire featuring DuraSeal technology is designed to allow semi-trucks to continue operating after a tire is punctured by road debris up to -inch diameter in the repairable tread area.

The technology, which is already being used in applications such as logging, construction and mining, uses a gel-like, solvent-free compound built into the inner liner of the tire. It’s designed to consistently and instantly seal punctures with gel flowing into void areas and around objects less than -inch in diameter. No other tire manufacturer offers commercial tires with built-in sealant, Goodyear officials said.

“The technology transfer into line-haul trucking is significant,” said Steve McClellan, vice-president of Goodyear commercial tire systems. “DuraSeal in the G316 LHT helps reduce fleet downtime, helps lower a company’s cost of operation and enhances retreadability.

“For Goodyear, the new tire expands our premium product line in the biggest segment of trucking long-haul. DuraSeal helps us deliver difference-making real value to end-users looking for solutions. Since we introduced DuraSeal technology into mixed-service tires in 2005, trucking fleets have been clamouring for the technology in line-haul trailer tires. This responds to their needs,” McClellan said.

Goodyear is using DuraSeal in the G316 LHT trailer tire, which also is available in a fuel-efficient version featuring Fuel Max Technology.

“Self-sealing technology in trailer tires is relevant, since maintaining the inner tire of a dual-tire setup is difficult. Trailers usually are the least-maintained equipment in a fleet’s operation. In addition, with the industry averaging four trailers for each tractor, there’s a greater opportunity for DuraSeal to help long-haul fleets improve productivity,” McClellan said.

The new tire features an all-steel four-belt package, helping to provide a solid foundation for multiple retreads, said Tim Richards, project manager for line-haul tires. A solid shoulder rib and innovative pressure distribution groove are designed to help resist shoulder wear.

The G316 LHT and matching retreads sport a 12/32nd-inch tread for more miles to removal. The tire is manufactured in Goodyear’s Danville, Va., manufacturing plant.

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