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Grade 2 teacher dreams of driving a truck

OROMOCTO, N.B. -- On the last day of a 30-year teaching career that she refers to as 'a dream', Kathy Millard had a...

OROMOCTO, N.B. — On the last day of a 30-year teaching career that she refers to as ‘a dream’, Kathy Millard had another dream come true.

Rather than driving herself into Oromocto from her home in Lincoln last Friday morning, her colleagues at Assiniboine Elementary School arranged for a transport truck to bring Millard to school in style.

“It has just been my dream to take the truck driving course and to learn how to drive trucks,” the second grade teacher says. “I have even written to G.W.G. Enterprises and got their application forms but it costs too much money. I could never do it unless I won the lottery.”

Millard says she has always been intrigued by the lifestyle of a truck driver.

“I am fascinated by those trucks,” she says. “They are so huge and I am amazed that little people can drive them all around and control them so well. I talked all the way here about what the dials were for and how the brakes worked.”

Arriving in the school yard to a crowd of friends, colleagues and students holding a large banner with the words, ‘Keep on Truckin” was unbelievable, she says, adding the excitement makes her last day a little bittersweet.

Millard knew she wanted to be a teacher from a very young age, but now, says she’s not sure exactly what it is that fascinates her about the idea of a long- haul career on the open road, but she is fascinated nonetheless.

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