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Haldex specs for 4S/2M and 2S/2M

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Haldex officials say the right size ABS ECU System to provide 4S/2M (or 2S/2M) applications with...

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Haldex officials say the right size ABS ECU System to provide 4S/2M (or 2S/2M) applications with the most reliable performance is the PLC Select 2M.

Featuring a simple, robust design, Haldex’s latest ABS technology, PLC Select 2M, has fewer components and connections, resulting in fewer failure points to reduce installation costs and improve reliability.

To reduce installation and service costs, the sensor, second valve cable and power connector plug directly into the ECU having an integral primary valve cable, eliminating harnesses and additional wiring. Installation is a snap since the PLC Select 2M uses a pre-installed nipple with swivel-nut FFABS, and a robust mounting bracket with single fastener design. To assure reliability and dependability, Haldex protects its PLC Select 2M against contaminants, moisture and corrosives with a corrosion-resistant, potted ECU enclosure, said company officials.

The PLC Select 2M operates using multiplexing technology for communications and diagnostics without a costly second connector. Its exclusive control logic provides better control and stopping power at every wheel. And, it’s equipped with a complete diagnostic system in addition to electronic odometer capability. With its standard Notebook expanded memory capability, the PLC Select 2M electronically stores vehicle, maintenance and other data right in the ECU. The standard on-board diagnostic system blink codes use a trailer-mounted ABS lamp.

Meeting FMVSS121 requirements and manufactured to survive the toughest conditions, the Haldex PLC Select 2M FFABS is backed by the best ABS warranty on the road, said company officials.

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Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems ( is a manufacturer and distributor of heavy-duty air brake system and suspension control system components. Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems is a part of Haldex Group.

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