From Kold-Ban International comes an improved engine starting fluid (ether) system. Ether systems, used as an aid to launch com¬bustion, offer benefits such as reliable starts at -32°C (-25°F) and colder; the elimination of white smoke; reduced engine vibration during startup; and less crankcase lube oil dilution from unburned fuel

KBI’s Dieselmatic NVT, introduced two years ago, now has a patented valve that is spe¬cifically designed to be controlled through the newest generations of electronically controlled diesel engines by plugging directly into the ‘Starting Fluid’ port on an engine’s ECM – no separate interface is required. Professional installation takes less than one hour, KBI says.

The device is activated during the starting procedure by an engine’s ECM. Based on information such as engine speed and ambient temperature, the ECM can send an activation signal to the Dieselmatic. By allowing the ECM to con¬trol the activation of the starting fluid into the engine, a more precise delivery can be achieved. It also prevents operator error or abuse.

The Dieselmatic NVT system is said to contain all the features of KBi’s original au¬tomatic system. The fully integrated metering orifice and filter have also been re-engineered, and the new system also features a one-piece encapsulated solenoid for im¬proved environmental protection. It’s available for 12 or 24-volt applications.

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