Truck-Lite’s LED floodlamp, an addition to the Work Lamp line, produces 323 lumens with a maximum intensity of 951 candela at 12 volts. That’s claimed to be “almost double the light output of comparable vehicle-mounted flood lamps.”

Using the company’s “signature” 6-diode pattern, the lamps generate full brightness from only 8.5 volts for 12-volt models and from 21-volts for 24-volt models. Both have over-voltage protection. Twelve-volt models use 1.2 amps, while 24-volt lamps need only 0.5 amps.

The lamps provide full brightness at voltage as low as 8.5 volts so they work under almost any electrical conditions a vehicle may experience.

The floodlamp has a die-cast aluminum housing with polycarbonate lens and is protected with a black powder-coat finish to stand up to adverse environmental elements. Mounting hardware is stainless steel. The polycarbonate lens system projects wide, rectangular illumination ideal for a wide variety of vehicle-related applications.

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