Leece-Neville Extreme Alternators

Prestolite Electric has introduced two families of Leece-Neville heavy-duty alternators that are said to deliver high output at low engine speeds. Assembled in the U.S., the new IdlePro and IdlePro Extreme high-efficiency/high-output alternators help extend battery life and increase vehicle uptime by enhancing electrical system and engine performance.

Prestolite says it worked closely with vehicle and system manufacturers in the development of the two new alternator families to meet the very specific electrical demands of today’s vehicles.

Each alternator also includes Prestolite’s ‘Isolated Ground’ technology, which protects engines from potentially severe electrolytic damage caused by stray voltage.

IdlePro alternators are 12V units with 190-, 210-, 240-, 325-, and 350-amp outputs. They provide a minimum 63% output of the rated maximum output at engine idle speed.

IdlePro Extreme models are 12V alternators with 220-amp outputs, producing at  least 90% of that (200+ amps) at engine idle speed. They have dual cable terminals (B+/B-) positioned laterally and axially.

Both new alternators are remote-sense capable and have temperature ratings from 125 C to -40 C.

Rolf Lockwood is editor emeritus of Today's Trucking and a regular contributor to Trucknews.com.

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