Accuride locking handle kit

Accuride International’s CB-Hand Kit, combined with heavy-duty slides, adds lock-in and lock-out features to secure drawers or trays in carts, trucks, utility, and emergency vehicles.

The locking feature is activated with a centrally located push button. There are two product options: a standard front-mounted kit with lock-in only, and a rear-mounted conversion kit that adds the lock-out feature.

Made with lightweight and corrosion-resistant components, the CB-Handle Locking Kit is ideal for mobile applications such as drawers and trays in carts, or utility and emergency vehicles. The lock-in feature secures pullouts for transit, while the lock-out ensures safe access to contents.

Compatible with most of the Accuride heavy-duty product line, the CB-Hand Locking Handle Kit may be added to models such as 3600, 7957, 9301, and other slides with a .75-in. side space or greater. This product accommodates drawers up to 60 in. wide.

Cut-to-length stainless steel rods allow installers the flexibility to add the locking handle to a variety of drawer widths. Visit here for detailed product specifications.

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