Lytx enhances, expands video views

Lytx is enhancing its existing DriveCam video telematics platform and even introducing a new system that captures ongoing images from multiple cameras.

DriveCam combines video captured around road incidents like hard braking or sudden swerves, offering views that can be used to coach drivers. Its event recorders mounted on the windscreen include camera lenses and sensors detecting more than 70 behaviors such as rapid acceleration and excessive speed. Now the cameras will also be triggered by rolling stops and roll stability events.

When it comes to accessing the information, a new portal is being developed that will work on major browsers and mobile platforms. Any information is just four clicks away, the company says.

There’s also an option for those who want video that doesn’t stop, to help identify operational challenges like delays at loading docks.

The new unisyn platform offers always-on video, storing it for up to seven days. Its cameras can be placed anywhere, such as a trailer side, back or interior, and even on the loading dock itself. They all mesh together with WiFi and Bluetooth. The video can then be tagged, to determine how and when the images are uploaded.

 “Video is the single-richest source of information you can possibly have, bar none,” says Brandon Nixon, chairman and CEO.

Frost and Sullivan reports that Lytx holds 2/3 of the market for video telematics, with 350,000 subscriptions, monitoring 30 billion miles per year. To put it another way, one inch of every road is monitored once per hour.

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