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Navistar says customers pleased with EPA-compliant engines

MELROSE PARK, Ill. -- Since the latest Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions standards went into effect i...

MELROSE PARK, Ill. — Since the latest Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions standards went into effect in the US (January 2007), Navistar Engine Group has produced over 300,000 emissions-compliant diesel engines for medium- and heavy-duty commercial trucks and buses.

These MaxxForceT brand engines have been well received by International dealers and proven successful by owners and operators, according to Navistar.

“We have been very pleased with the performance of our 2007 emissions-compliant engines,” said Jack Allen, president of Navistar Engine Group. “Testimonials from owners and operators have indicated positive results with regard to key value drivers including improved fuel economy, performance, reliability and durability.”

Officials say the success of 2007-compliant MaxxForce engines validates the company’s path of full 2010 emissions compliance, using in-cylinder NOx-reduction solutions, rather than add-on aftertreatment systems.

“Our approach to NOx reduction not only helps the environment, but also helps International Truck customers, who will not be burdened with increased operating, service and maintenance requirements associated with additional aftertreatment,” Allen said.

Darrell Kohut, director of maintenance and operations for Canadian delivery company Highway 9 Express Ltd., which did not pre-buy any trucks in 2006, is also satisfied with the performance results. “We were confident going into our 2007 purchase knowing that with the support of our dealer and manufacturer, the ’07 engine would perform, and it has performed.”

Moving into 2010 with no SCR on the trucks is a great advantage, added Kohut. “While we’re still able to train and move our drivers forward, other companies will be trying to work with the challenges of bringing in the SCR product to maintain their emissions levels. That’s going to be a great advantage for us moving ahead. It’s something we’re looking forward to.”

Mark Stone, fleet director for Pennsauken, N.J.-based bottler Pepsi Cola and National Brand Beverages Ltd., said that he is also confident that the MaxxForce DT will provide many years of reliability. “We have been very pleased with the new MaxxForce DT engines. They’re easier to service, with the ability to check all the fluids and oil from one side.”

Stone’s fleet has not noticed any drop-off in performance with the 2007 engines. “They’ve been good, and now that we’ve gotten through 2007, we feel confident that as 2010 approaches, International is going to be able to meet the standards, and we’ll just go along for the ride.”

As 2010 approaches, Navistar says that the technology path that avoids additional aftertreatment will be the best, customer-focused path providing engines that are in full emissions compliance.

“Going forward into 2010, the evolution of today’s integrated system technologies of advanced fuel, air, combustion and electronic controls is the emissions solution commercial truck owners and operators can have confidence in because it’s a proven, effective technology that is well understood, simple to maintain and provides a lower cost of ownership,” Allen said. “Moving forward into 2010 and beyond, Navistar will continue to deliver an unmatched integrated truck and engine package and provide its customers with outstanding product solutions.”

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