New names, features for Hino’s 2021 trucks

John G Smith

Hino has updated and renamed its product line for the 2021 model year.

The Classes 4 and 5 models, previously known as the 155 and 195, are now dubbed the M Series. They’ll carry the model names M4 (Class 4) and M5 (Class 5), with an M5H hybrid. Styling updates include a bolder chrome grille and new headlight design, including optional LEDs.

The M Series trucks can also be ordered with a lane departure warning system. The steering wheel comes standard with controls for cruise and hands-free calling, and there’s a new 4.2-inch LCD display. The truck comes with a new six-speed automatic Aisin HD transmission with gear hold capabilities.

The Classes 6 and 7 models will now be known as the L Series. The trucks previously known as the 258, 268 and 338 will now be named the L6 and L7, with the number denoting the gross combined vehicle weight category. This line also comes with the updates in the M Series, but also come with a longer wheelbase offering at 301 inches – a 30-inch increase.

The L Series borrows from the new Class 8 XL with an automotive-inspired interior, and seven-inch LCD display. A re-positioned gear selector improves ergonomics and opens up some space. The HVAC system has double the airflow speed compared to the previous generation.

A new extended cab that sits five people will be offered, as will a crew cab that sits six, with air-conditioning and heating in the rear zone.

The XL will come as an XL8, and will also be available with an extended and crew cab. Later next year, it will be available with a snowplow package, featuring an 18,000-lb front axle and front frame extension, as well as a heated windshield.

John G Smith

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