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Peterbilt introduces new aero package, interior enhancements
Declares Model 386 with aero package industry leader

DENTON, Texas -- Peterbilt has laid claim to best-in-class aerodynamics with its Model 386 outfitted with a ne...

DENTON, Texas — Peterbilt has laid claim to best-in-class aerodynamics with its Model 386 outfitted with a new aerodynamic package it says can improve fuel mileage by up to 12%.


Peterbilt officials introduced new aerodynamic packages for the Models 386 and 384 as well as the traditional-styled 388 and 389 at a press event here on Friday.


The company has validated its aerodynamic claims in real-world testing with Wal-Mart and also using wind tunnel and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies, the company announced.


“We would say that this is the number one aerodynamic product in the marketplace,” Landon Sproull, Peterbilt’s chief engineer, said of the Model 386 with the new aerodynamic package. “We’re confident in our numbers; we’ve done our third-party testing.”


Peterbilt’s aerodynamic Model 386 was already EPA SmartWay-certified and the Model 384 is awaiting certification. With the new aero package, the company says the trucks are 24% more aerodynamic, resulting in fuel savings of up to 12% compared to the same models without the new aero package. That could result in fuel savings of US$5,600 per truck each year based on today’s fuel prices.


The aero package, which is also available through Paccar Parts for retrofit, includes: a roof fairing and trim tabs to help direct the air over the cab and trailer; a new sleeper roof transition to improve air flow between the cab and sleeper roof lines; re-contoured chassis fairings with a flair design that directs air around the rear tires and wheels; an aerodynamic battery box/toolbox; a composite sun visor that provides less aerodynamic drag; a 3-inch rubber sleeper extender to direct air over and around the trailer; and new aerodynamic mirrors.

Also unveiled last week was a redesigned interior for the Models 386, 384, 389, 388, 387 and 365, featuring an “in-mold” process that embeds the colour directly into the dash material. The company says this protects the finish from fading, peeling and other forms of colour degradation. For those who prefer the traditional wood styling, an aftermarket panel is available through Paccar Parts.


 A new HVAC system was also introduced, which Peterbilt says improves air-conditioning capabilities by 20% and also offers improved window defrosting.


For a more detailed look at Peterbilt’s interior enhancements, as well as a closer look at what the company is now dubbing the industry’s most aerodynamic Class 8 truck, see the April issues of Truck News and Truck West.

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