Phillips unveils weatherproof liftgate socket connection

by Today's Trucking

Phillips Industries is now offering a straight back version of its weatherproof Dual Pole QCS2 (Quick Change Socket) connections, supporting tractor and trailer applications.

It’s marketed as the only weatherproof liftgate socket connection that offers a quick and easy replacement without the need to re-wire.

(Photo: Phillips)

The weatherproofing is particularly important for a liftgate electrical union because those connections require a larger amperage draw than in the seven-way, increasing the rate of corrosion that can occur.

If that happens, the corrosion can choke the charge, increasing the time needed to cycle the liftgate or even leading to a thermal event.

The molded straight-back harness boot with a sealed inner cavity has been completely molded to the liftgate harness cable. It grips the bulleted socket and holds in place to block moisture and contamination.

The non-corrosive socket housing and offset pins prevent accidental arcing by grounding the connection before power begins circulating through the system.

A complete installation kit for tractors, including everything needed to upgrade from a zinc diecast liftgate connection to a weatherproof version, has also been released.

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